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MTMOM 14 November Project Management and Leadership Membership

Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge, UK.  We bring people together - from business and academia - to meet each other and share ideas, encouraging collaboration and partnership for shared success.


Bridging the knowledge transfer divide: fill out a quick survey to help Cambridge Enterprise

The difficulty in translating university research into the commercial realm is a well-documented problem. The reason is often that industry and academia are driven by different motivations related to their fundamentally distinct core.

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Businesses asked to help identify barriers to growth

A group of business leaders is asking the business community to identify and share the key issues that are impeding growth in the area and prioritise the schemes of work necessary to remedy them.

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AstraZeneca and University of Manchester form North West Centre for Advanced Drug Delivery

The University of Manchester and AstraZeneca have entered into a strategic collaboration to develop cutting-edge technologies designed to enhance the way drugs work and deliver better health outcomes for patients.

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Wind power reassessed

The Scientific Alliance publishes a new report on the output of wind farms.

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Top city politicians convene in Cambridge

The top politicians and officers from Cambridge City Council, Oxford City Council and Norwich City Council met yesterday to share ideas about the major issues facing their cities.

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New report says performance-related executive pay is nothing of the sort

A new report published by the High Pay Centre think-tank has concluded that attempts to link the pay of Britain’s leading company executives to their company’s performance are not working, with median earnings of FTSE 350 directors increasing more than twice as fast as median pre-tax profits since 2000, and four times as fast as the median market value of FTSE 350 companies.

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Top tips for using Pinterest in your job search

Are you a Pinterest user? Did you know Pinterest can be a useful tool to help you with your job search?

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'Information rock and roll – How big data has made analytics sexy'

While analysing Big Data is no easy task and has always been seen as a ‘back room’ operation, data analytics has become a hot topic in the boardroom, according to speakers at the Cambridge Wireless (CW) event yesterday: ‘Information Rock and Roll – How Big Data has made Analytics Sexy'.

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Would you like to help shape the cultural landscape in Cambridge?

Can you bring vision and drive to continue the legacy of East Anglia’s largest concert hall and Europe’s most acclaimed Folk Festival? Cambridge Live seeks founder trustees...

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My Cambridge: creativity and culture in the everyday lives of children and young people

A half day event is planned to test the idea that ‘Every young person in Cambridge should be able to confidently construct their own cultural life, drawing on, and feeling connected to, the whole of the City in which they live.’

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