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Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge, UK. We bring people together - from business and academia - to meet each other and share ideas, encouraging collaboration and partnership for shared success.


Cambridge Sensotec celebrates its 15-year anniversary!

July 2015 has marked the 15-year anniversary since Cambridge Sensotec began manufacturing the Rapidox gas analyser range.

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Funding for the creative industries

The Creative local growth fund recognises how arts and culture can contribute to local economic growth by helping fund activity to support the creative industries, tourism and a stronger cultural sector by levering in EU Structural and Investment Funds from Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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Monument Trust donates an additional £5 million to Cambridge Judge Business School

Monument Trust donates an additional £5 million to Cambridge Judge Business School, bringing its total contribution to £18 million.

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Councillor raises funds for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity by raffling a flight over the city

A flight over Cambridge is being offered for the price of a £5 raffle ticket after Councillor Paul Bullen decided he would like to raise funds for Arthur Rank Hospice Charity.

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Another record 12 months on cards as Cooper Lomaz celebrates 25 years

Independent East Anglian recruitment company Cooper Lomaz is set to celebrate a quarter century of success with another record-breaking year in Cambridge. It expects to earn 30% of 2015’s £5.4m fees income from matching candidates to jobs in Cambridge alone.

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'Jolly Old Beast' - a dinosaur song revived after 160 years

On New Year’s Eve 1853 a group of entrepreneurs dined inside the mould of a giant model iguanodon and, it is reported, sang a rousing song in praise of dinosaurs. The chorus runs: 'The jolly old beast/Is not deceased/There’s life in him again! ROAR.'

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Discover a world of worry-free motoring at Motability’s free Cambridgeshire event

This summer, disabled motorists and their families can find out all they need to know about the Motability Scheme by heading to the One Big Day event at Peterborough Arena, Cambridgeshire next Thursday (6 August).

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Your app reduces staff stress? Prove it

As Rize reaches its two year anniversary, its Founder and CEO John Harper discusses the importance of Rize (and other mental health technologies) basing their claims on hard evidence for improving mental well-being.

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Munro races to raise £3000

Mechanical and electrical installation specialists help raise funds towards the new Arthur Rank Hospice Charity hospice, with a tremendous day out at the July Races.

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Stratech Scientific now supplies MEXi mammalian expression system from IBA

Stratech Scientific now supplies IBA's economic mammalian expression system (MEXi) in which all components are optimised to provide efficient protein expression in mammalian cells.

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