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We have individual and corporate members. With over 1000 corporate members, Cambridge Network represents the majority of the technology businesses in Cambridge. A member may be one of our £billion companies, grown from start-up roots in Cambridge, or it may be a three person company at the beginning of the journey. The University of Cambridge is one member, the Anglia Ruskin University is one member and Addenbrooke’s Hospital with its growing Medi-Park is another. Most members are businesses and most of the activity is aimed at sharing lessons and ideas between those businesses to help them grow and succeed.

Business leaders particularly value membership for the peer groups (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs, HRDs etc) and for the events which bring leaders from around the world to share different ways of doing things.

HR Directors value the sharing of business practices in the region and the training programme which reduces the cost of high quality training shared between like-minded Cambridge companies.

Employees enjoy meeting other people perhaps new to Cambridge and getting to know colleagues in a sociable environment.

Multi-nationals appreciate the opportunity to scout for technologies and meet the academics and entrepreneurs who make it happen.

Member companies may specialise in anything: materials, software, electronics,  healthcare, biotech, cleantech or the social sciences, and the cross-sector nature of meetings means that new ideas are conceived at the intersections. The Cambridge Network community is at the heart of the East of England’s economic growth: the renowned Cambridge Phenomenon.
Members pay an annual subscription, which varies according to company size and the benefits and services they choose to receive from the Network.

There are no geographical limits to our membership and we welcome any company or organisation that is involved or interested in doing business in the Cambridge region.

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