Guest blog by eg technology's Group Lead of Software, Stephen Starkie

Stephen delves in to some of the confusion around Digital Health to describe what it is and how to approach it...

Options for work locations

Guest blog by Kelly Drewery, Business Psychologist at Talent Glue and Katherine Wiid, Recruitment and Retention Coach at Recrion

What on...

Norway train illustration

Guest blog by Nicholas Hill, CEO at Plextek Ltd

My favourite time for thinking and writing is a long train journey. This is partly due to the absence of interruption, both electronic and human, but just as much due to the rather hypnotic experience of just gazing out of the window, watching the scenery unfold.

I'm feeling anxious and unsafe -illustration

Guest blog by Claire Vane of Integrated Resources

Most people are telling me that they are suffering from nightmares. They’re feeling anxious and these feelings of anxiety are interspersed with frustration at not being able to plan, combined with a sort of bored monotony of every week being the same, even though the law...

project management checklist- Image by TeroVesalainen on Pixabay

By Cambridge Network

Moving into project management can involve a number of different skills. Here are ten top tips to make you more productive and efficient.

Newspapers and the word 'news' spelt out in scrabble pieces_Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay

By Cambridge Network

The common saying 'No news is good news' means what you don't know won't hurt you. But for companies...

Karen Roem

Guest blog by software training expert Karen Roem

Teaming up with Cambridge Network to deliver a short webinar during the pandemic has had some unexpected benefits...

person in an interview

By Cambridge Network

If you're new to the process of interviewing and selection, or you are already involved and want to refresh your skills, it's worth bearing in mind these five key principles. They will help you master the...


Guest blog by ThoughtRiver

Discover the formula for measuring deal velocity, learn how it can be improved, and how to ensure sales, procurement and legal are always aligned.

Cambridge Network CEO John Gourd

John Gourd, CEO, Cambridge Network

It’s no surprise that Cambridge Network and its members have risen to the challenges the pandemic has placed upon us.

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Guest blog by Sam Eaton of MindAbility

The pandemic has forced us all to adapt to digital commmunication, opening up new mechanisms for connecting with other people. But how can you optimise this kind of networking for your business?

arrows_cropped - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

By Cambridge Network

Are you new to a management role, or aspiring to move up to one so you can take on greater responsibilities? If so, you will benefit from these top tips. 

John Gourd on his walk

John Gourd, CEO, Cambridge Network

How the Cambridge Network team was forced to take a break from work...

Crayfish 4th birthday banner

Guest blog by Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO  of

Reflections on four years of business development in challenging times...

CN Google graphic showing search emgine results

Guest blog by Jamie Stenton, Business Development Manager at Lilac James Co.

A three-month project results in a 220% increase in search engine visibility.

Roundabout from the air

Guest blog by Paul Jansen of runandjump ltd

A blog about adopting solutions from elsewhere...

Sookio's work experience students on Zoom

Guest blog by Sue Keogh, founder and CEO of Sookio

The team at Cambridge Network was impressed by Sookio’s remote work experience opportunity for early-career marketeers, and would encourage other companies to think about offering something similar to people finding it hard to gain experience during the pandemic. 

Choice of learning formats

Sarah Gleadell, head of Cambridge Network's Learning Collaboration

Anyone interested in improving their knowledge and skills now has a golden opportunity through CN eLearning, a brand-new suite of bite-sized digital learning resources available from the Learning Collaboration.

MRI Mouse in setting

Guest blog by eg technology

Case studies. A very dry, unengaging term describing the very life blood of your business – actual, contextual examples of your expertise. They really should have a more engaging name!

Erik Langaker and examples of PragmatIC technology

Guest post by PragmatIC

Why Erik Langaker, the new Chair of the Board, believes PragmatIC’s unique technology is set to disrupt the semiconductor industry on a global scale, pushing the boundaries of conventional flexible electronics.