What if you train them and they leave? But what if you don't train them and they stay? [Webinar]

Dr James Gazzard, Director of the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education, will lead this online seminar and help us explore the value of work-relevant lifelong learning.


Date Thursday 4th June
Time 11am - 12pm
Venue Online
Email sara.baxter@cambridgenetwork.co.uk
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"What if you train them and they leave?  But what if you don't train them and they stay?"

More so now in the post COVID-19 context than ever before, companies of all sizes and all sectors must develop a clear approach to learning and development in the workplace.  The firms that get this right will gain a competitive advantage in terms of recruitment, retention, agility and productivity as they attempt to recover and thrive against the backdrop of a global recession.

So many talks on workforce learning focus on 'C-suite' executive development or recruiting graduate talent - but what about the rest of us?  This talk will consider its approach from the context of the too often forgotten 'others'; the talented but overlooked administrator who joined as a school leaver; the brilliant technical specialist who is struggling in their first line management role; the burnt out middle manager who is working, parenting and caring; the long-serving and loyal colleague who first entered the workplace in the 1980s.

This talk - aimed at company leaders, HR professionals and workforce developers, workforce learning specialists and anyone interested in reskilling and upskilling - will consider the value of work-relevant lifelong learning to employers and employees and suggest possible thinking tools and frameworks for reconsidering your mindset and approach to meaningful and impactful 'whole workforce' learning.

The talk will be led by Dr Dr James Gazzard, Director of the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education.

The session will take place at 11am - 12pm on Thursday 4th June. Please sign up to take part! Participants will be sent a link to join via Zoom prior to the start time.

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June 4th, 2020 11:00 AM   to   12:00 PM
United Kingdom
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