Using your strengths to develop your career [Webinar]

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An interactive session designed to identify your strengths and demonstrate how to use them for career success and job satisfaction.


Date 27th August
Time 10am - 11.30am
Venue Online
Cost Free for members | Free for non-members

Knowing your strengths is key to having an enjoyable and successful career. If you love what you do, you naturally want to become better and better at it, and in turn, will enjoy greater recognition and progression.

Yet in most workplaces, and in life, we are more likely to get feedback on what we don’t do well. While this is helpful to know, research shows that it’s knowing and developing our strengths which creates greater focus, motivation and overall happiness.

If like most people, you are not 100% sure what your strengths are – and how you could be using them more to get ahead – this webinar is for you. If you are a leader or manager and want to better understand your team members and increase performance and productivity, this is for you too!
During the 90 minute webinar, we will hear from Carole Douillot of CD Coaching, join in with interactive conversations and activities in break out rooms and encourage lots of Q&A to really understand how to discover and use our strengths.
Carole will cover:

  • What are Strengths?
  • Why focusing on your strengths is essential for job satisfaction and success
  • How to identify them and activate your strengths
  • The benefits of spotting strengths in others
  • How to boost your strengths
  • How to overcome weaknesses

 Knowing your strengths will help you:

  • Understand why you enjoy certain responsibilities at work – while others leave you unmotivated
  • Receive greater clarity about how to discover your strengths – with an opportunity for deeper insight and learning
  • Discover practical ways you can begin playing more to your strengths at work
  • Realise your potential in your current or future job
  • Build workplace resilience

Please note: this webinar will be highly interactive and at times, you will be working in pairs in virtual breakout rooms, asking and answering questions among each other. This will be an opportunity to stretch yourself, to interact with new people and deepen your insight into strengths-based areas.


The session will take place at 10am - 11.30am on Thursday 27th August. Please sign up to take part! Participants will be sent a link to join via Zoom prior to the start time.


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August 27th, 2020 10:00 AM   to   11:30 AM
United Kingdom
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