does the engineering to make deep learning a low power, high performance reality today.

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Country: United Kingdom
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From world-changing self-driving car projects to reducing the power consumption of the worlds data centers: we strive to use our expertise to transform the world today by making tomorrow’s AI run with unsurpassed efficiency on low power hardware.

Our projects exist at the intersection of machine learning and hardware. Our work is full of interesting challenges and cool technology and we’re a growing team with an audacious goal. come and see: selected to provide artificial intelligence benchmark code for MLPerf, a Cambridge UK based deep learning company with expertise in producing low power inference circuits has been selected to develop a Speech Recognition benchmark for MLPerf, a new Machine Learning (ML) benchmarking competition backed by Google, Baidu, Intel and AMD.

4 January 2019Read in full

An end to end deep learning benchmark competition sets new deep learning standard trains ResNet network 2.5x faster, using 8x fewer GPUs and at a quarter of the cost than previous benchmark winner

15 November 2018Read in full

Myrtle selected as part of the UK government's Autonomous Vehicles programme

Cambridge-based Myrtle is honoured to have been selected as part of the UK Government’s Autonomous Vehicles programme: one of only 14 companies selected.

1 March 2016Read in full