KISS Communications

KISS Communications

KISS is built on the philosophy of keeping things simple. Our mission is to surprise our clients with ideas that inspire.

Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom

KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex.  We are experts at immersing ourselves in the complex things you do to emerge with focus and clarity to create ideas that will worry your competition.

With specific and in-depth expertise working across the Science, Technology, and Healthcare sectors, our ability to cut through complexity and successfully deliver a single-minded proposition has been instrumental in us winning a fantastic range of blue chip, SME and disruptive start up clients.

KISS is a member of the PROI, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies. This gives us access to the leading independent agencies in 100 cities across 5 continents, offering local knowledge to deliver global results via international marketing and PR campaigns.

Our clients include: The Technology Partnership, SBRI Healthcare, Bayer CropSciencePizza Hut DeliveryIXICOHorizon DiscoveryIMRGSchneider EurothermIMServBiochromNorthern Health Science AlliancePraxisUnicoHealth Enterprise EastPush EnergyAgalimmune , Royal Society of ChemistryArgentaBioFocusOne Nucleus, 8 SolutionsJohnson MattheyBooking.comBosch and PWR+Snap-on IndustrialAlimentary Health, and David Ball Group.

With offices in Cambridge, London and Oxford, we are strategy-led and successfully integrate branding, advertising, digital and public relations.

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KISS Social Media

KISS Social Media

We approach social media in the same way that we work with our clients, with a dedication to delivering insightful communications solutions, helping our clients to capitalise on their commercial opportunities. Our strategy planner will ensure that any social media engagement is integrated into the rest of your marketing.

KISS Future

When your vision is clear so is your future.

KISS Exhibitions

We enable you to capitalise on your investment by creating a show-stopper that dramatises your proposition. And fits with all your other promotional activity.

Proof we’ve done our job is a stand you can’t get anywhere near.

KISS Public Relations

KISS Public Relations is an agency built on the principle of keeping things simple.

KISS Design

The best solutions are often the simplest ones.

KISS Digital

Every business needs online.

KISS Advertising

Don't hit your target with a blunt instrument.

Men playing battleship - old poster

‘Toxic masculinity’ and other opportunities

At a Most Contagious event in London towards the end of last year, there was much talk about ‘toxic masculinity’ and the roles brands play in influencing attitudes to masculinity and gender. It’s an emotive topic, and one that some brands have latched on to in clever ways, turning contentious issues into opportunities.

22 March 2018Read in full

 The theme for the event was ‘X & Why

KISS sponsors this year’s TEDxCambridgeUniversity

KISS was proud to be one of the sponsors of this year’s TEDxCambridgeUniversity, which took place on Saturday (17th March) at St John’s College.

21 March 2018Read in full

buying apples from a market stall

Presenting your offering

Offerings to gods have been a part of human history for as far back as you care to go. Brand offerings to consumers, not so much. But in recent years, as new technologies and shifting audience demands disrupt the standard pillars of industry, evolving and clarifying your offering to key markets has undoubtedly become more and more important.

13 March 2018Read in full

tug of war

Hunkvertising: karma or hypocrisy

When we talk about objectification, many people might assume that it’s a reference to women. But male objectification is just as important a subject for the gender equality debate, especially since it has increased within advertising.

6 March 2018Read in full

man at sunset

GDPR and a framework for the future

Adam Andrews, Head of Digital at KISS, writes: To kick things off, a confession: when I first heard of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the new rules that will change how businesses handle personal data when they come into force on the 25th May, my initial reaction was cynicism.

6 March 2018Read in full

photo montage

The big picture: images for marketers

It’s an overused cliché, but a picture does tell a thousand words. So for the creative industries, great images are the lifeblood of much of our work, and will often determine the success, or failure, of a project.

27 February 2018Read in full

hands holding smartphone

How Facebook really knows what you want

User data is set to be one of the hottest topics of discussion among marketers in 2018, as the industry continues to utilise it for effective targeting and engages with developments like GDPR. And aside from the statistics, you can tell just how powerful user data has become from some of the anecdotes that have emerged online.

22 February 2018Read in full


Letting go of lost loves

There are going to be some very different attitudes to today. Many people will be proving their undying love through candlelit dinners and roses, or cuddly hearts and hearty cuddles. Others will be commiserating or celebrating their ‘single’ status with a very large drink. Some will just dismiss the idea of Valentine’s Day altogether.

14 February 2018Read in full

Msn standing on precipice

What does Brexit mean for the media and entertainment sector?

Much has been written regarding Brexit, and the impact this will have on some of our leading industries, including retail, farming, automotive and finance. But what does it mean for our creative sector, particularly media and entertainment?

14 February 2018Read in full

Helen Richardson-Walsh/credit: World Sports Pics

How living your brand values can turn a lead into gold

Values. Look at any major brand from any industry, be it Google or Airbnb, Coca-Cola or Starbucks, and you’ll see that they have a set of them. The importance of these values in terms of building relationships with consumers is clear – as Howard Schultz, the Starbucks CEO, said: “If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

8 February 2018Read in full

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