Since 1991 Lumie has been researching and designing bright lights to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and other conditions. Our first Bodyclock dawn simulator – an alarm that wakes you up with increasing levels of light – was the world’s first wake-up light and brought light therapy into the mainstream. We also designed and developed Lumie Clear, a unique hand held device that uses combined blue and red light therapy to treat acne.

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Address: 3 The Links, Trafalgar Way, Bar Hill
Postcode: CB23 8UD
Country: United Kingdom
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Over the years Lumie has worked closely with the scientific community. All of our products – the broadest range in Europe – are based on published research and designed by us from our base in Cambridge. Lumie is in the EuRhythDia consortium investigating circadian rhythms and type 2 diabetes, and is working with Cambridge University and Liverpool John Moores University sports science department. We continue to research new applications for light therapy.


Lumie products are medical devices, certified to the Medical Devices Directive (93/42EEC)and supplied to the NHS on an occasional basis. Distance and brightness levels (lux) are independently verified and Lumie is registered with the government's Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

 The benefits of light therapy reach far beyond SAD. Our lights help you to sleep well and get up in the morning, beat the afternoon slump, conquer jetlag and look after your skin. They also optimise sports performance and we are proud to provide lights to some of Great Britain’s elite athletes as well as acting as official suppliers to British Swimming.


Two of our wake-up lights, Active and Elite, provide white noise as an option. If you are trying to sleep in a noisy environment or during the day, white noise helps to muffle other sounds, like traffic or people talking.


In the UK our products are available through as well as major retailers like John Lewis, Boots, amazon, Selfridges, Neal’s Yard and and we have an expanding network of distributors across Europe and in North America. For consumers buying through we provide a 45 day trial period on all products.

Lumie is a registered trademark of Outside In (Cambridge) Ltd.


Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

Light therapy specialist Lumie launches a new sleep/wake-up light

As the days draw shorter, the light therapy specialist and industry leader Lumie launches a brand new sleep/wake-up light, Bodyclock Shine 300.

7 September 2018Read in full

Lumie launches two new sleep/wake lights

Light therapy specialist Lumie launches two new sleep/wake lights

Light therapy specialist Lumie is introducing a new generation of sleep/wake lights with the launch of two Bodyclock products.

5 July 2018Read in full

Child sleeping with non-alerting Lumie Bedbug

New research findings support the need for a non-alerting light for children at bedtime

New research published in the academic journal Physiological Reports* shows that pre-school children are particularly sensitive to the stimulating effect of evening bright light. The findings support the need to use non-alerting lights like Lumie Bedbug at children’s bedtime.

19 April 2018Read in full

Cambridge University Men's Crew in Training with Lumie Lights

Lumie lights power the Cambridge men’s crew in this year’s Cancer Research UK Boat Race

The Cambridge University Men’s Crew has been incorporating Lumie light therapy into its training regime ahead of this year’s Cancer Research UK Boat Race which will take place on Saturday 24th March.

15 March 2018Read in full

Student with Lumie Arabica Light

Lumie lights up Leeds University #leedslightcafe

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for the Light Cafe, running from today to 19th January at Leeds University Union. Now in its fourth year, the pop-up space aims to improve students’ health and wellbeing during exams. The lights will be used to create two areas; one for revision and one for relaxation.

8 January 2018Read in full

 Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D

Light therapy specialist Lumie launches its most premium wake-up light

Cambridge-based light therapy specialist Lumie is launching its most premium wake-up light today. Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D (RRP £199) is an upgrade on the Luxe 700, offering DAB radio in addition to Bluetooth and low-blue light to make it non-alerting at bedtime.

14 September 2017Read in full

Dr Norman Rosenthal leads SAD Solstice Seminar

Dr Norman Rosenthal leads SAD Equinox Seminar organised by Lumie & SAD Lightbox Company

Leading light therapy companies Lumie and The SAD Lightbox Company are joining forces to host a SAD Equinox Seminar with SAD guru Dr Norman Rosenthal in London on the autumnal equinox on Friday 22nd September.

14 July 2017Read in full

Photo of Lumie Bedbug

Light therapy leader Lumie launches unique children’s sleep aid

Light therapy specialist Lumie is launching a unique children’s sleep aid today. Lumie Bedbug™ is an innovative bedside lighting product that promotes a calm bedtime and good night’s sleep for babies and young children.

3 July 2017Read in full

Lumie Bodyclock Luxe

Spring forwards with Lumie light therapy on clock-change day

Cambridge-based Lumie promises to put a spring in your step this clock-change day, using light therapy.

8 March 2017Read in full

Lumie lights at work

Lumie lights shine at Warner Music’s Wellness Week

Light therapy specialist Lumie is supplying the lights for a chill out room during Warner Music’s Wellness Week, which is running this week at their London offices in Kensington.

26 January 2017Read in full

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