Strem Chemicals UK Ltd

Strem Chemicals UK Ltd

For over twenty-five years, Strem Chemicals UK has been distributing high quality specialty chemicals, from Strem Chemicals, Inc, in the UK and Ireland. Strem products are used for research and development and commercial scale applications, especially in the pharmaceutical, microelectronics, chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 873 028
Address: Newton Hall, Town Street, Newton
Postcode: CB22 7ZE
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

 Strem has a history of marketing new products from within the research community; its aim is to bring new and interesting products to this field in a timely fashion. In addition, custom synthesis services are provided on a contract basis.

Strem has a history of marketing new products from within the research community; its aim is to bring new and interesting products to this field in a timely fashion. In addition, custom synthesis services are provided on a contract basis.


The pharmaceutical industry relies on key product lines, such as metal catalysts, ligands (especially phosphines), organometallics and N-heterocyclic carbenes for organic synthesis. More recently, Strem has introduced a line of biocatalysts, which include enzymes, enzyme carriers and a selection of biocatalyst kits for screening of various processes.


Strem Chemicals UK, Ltd. offers:

  • High purity specialty chemicals
  • High quality products and service
  • Trustworthy procedures and documentation, including description of chemical’s colour and form





Strem Chemicals UK Ltd Product Line

Strem's numerous product lines have their own catalogues which you can request on 0845 643 7263 or from

More news from Strem Chemicals UK Ltd

More news from Strem Chemicals UK Ltd

Are you aware Strem Chemicals offers literature sources and application highlighting product families and their applications on their website?

Bubbler for ALD CVD and MOCVD

Strem Chemicals UK offers CVD/ALD bubblers & ampoules for R&D and high-volume manufacturing

The parent company of Strem Chemicals UK (Strem Chemicals Inc) has more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing inorganic and organometallic chemicals and probably the world´s most extensive product offering of MOCVD, CVD, and ALD precursors. Strem Chemicals UK is your local distributor, based in Cambridge

14 March 2019Read in full

Photocatalyst booklet

Photocatalysts available from Strem Chemicals UK

Photocatalysis is a type of catalysis that results in the alteration of the rate of a photoreaction - a chemical reaction that involves the absorption of light by one or more reacting species - by adding catalysts that participate in the chemical reaction without being consumed.

1 March 2019Read in full

Transition Electron Microscopy images of KCC-1.

More green chemistry from Strem Chemicals –reusable catalysts available in the UK and Ireland

Strem Chemicals has a new family of fibrous shaped KCC-1 silica nanoparticles that allow effective processing of carbon mono- and dioxide emissions.

11 February 2019Read in full

Cisplatin CAS 15663-27-1

Changing lives- news from Strem Chemicals UK

It is the 40th anniversary of the first FDA approved, patient based anti-cancer drug Cisplatin, which revolutionised cancer treatment from 1978.

10 January 2019Read in full

CAS 1959584-78-1  20-8200

New calcium amidinate precursor is available from Strem Chemicals in the UK and Ireland

Strem Chemicals' new precursor offers an improved ALD growth Window for CaS thin films and alloys by using a new calcium amidinate precursor for atomic layer deposition (ALD) of calcium sulphide and oxide Films.

13 December 2018Read in full

A plastic that sucks carbon dioxide out of the air

The field of porous adsorbents has become especially popular owing to the increase in energy consumption and the push for alternative technologies involving the capture of gases. Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) are particularly exciting because of improved environmental performance, weight and potential cost. In fact, AYRSORB™ P151 can pull carbon dioxide directly out of the air.

5 December 2018Read in full

Strem offers one of the most promising ruthenium amidinate precursors

One of the blogs posted on the Strem Chemicals UK site has been reposted from an original blog researched, produced and written by Abhishekkumar Thakur and Jonas Sunquist.

22 November 2018Read in full

Copper indium quantum dots

A greener future with exciting new Quantum Dots using copper indium disulphide/zinc sulphide

Strem Chemicals is happy to offer Copper Indium DiSulfide/Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots with a variety of peak emission levels and a >75% quantum yield (QY). It has six new products in collaboration with UbiQD.

5 November 2018Read in full

NanoSelect LF 200 (46-1711) vs Lindlar Catalyst

Strem Chemicals and BASF work together

An innovative solution from BASF catalyst manufacturing technology (NanoSelect™) sold in collaboration with Strem Chemicals for research purposes, allows production of heterogeneous catalysts in water with excellent control over metal crystallite sizes, reducing the amount of palladium required and the need for lead or sulphur.

18 October 2018Read in full

Example of cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl mixture comprising Metal N

Metal naphthenates from Strem Chemicals used for a variety of applications in the UK

The metal naphthenate combination occurs naturally with mixtures of cycloaliphatic carboxylic acid moities (primarily cyclopentyl and cyclohexyl) with varying structures (10 to 16 carbons long) isolated from crude oil.

4 October 2018Read in full

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