Sookio is a digital agency based in Cambridge, UK. We help our clients communicate with confidence through quality content for the web and social media.

Address: 66 Devonshire Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB12BL
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Founded in 2008 and based in central Cambridge, we work with clients around the UK and overseas including GOV.UK, the University of Cambridge, Toshiba Europe, Lürzer's Archive and Drinkaware.

Our core services are website copywriting, content strategy, and ongoing content such as blogs, features and newsletters. We are also specialists in social media management, training and strategy.

Quality content is at the heart of everything we do. If we're not creating it, we're offering training and advising on strategy to help boost your digital presence from within. It’s about delivering the very best work we can and helping our clients reach new heights.

As proponents of best practice in content for the web and social media, we enjoy sharing our expertise and keep up with industry trends to keep your content fresh and exciting.

We like to call this confident communications – setting goals which are realistic and measurable, and helping you deliver your message with clarity through expert strategy, original content and bespoke training.


Mill Road office

New Sookio HQ brings creative hub to central Cambridge

With renovations in full swing and the move date just around the corner, the team at Sookio is delighted to announce that it is bringing a new creative hub to the heart of Cambridge!

13 September 2017Read in full

Sue Keogh

Sookio founder nominated twice in Best Business Women Awards

Sookio is excited to announce that Sue Keogh, Director, has been nominated for not just one, but two Best Business Women 2017 awards.

11 September 2017Read in full

UX Doctor

Website under the weather? Get a prescription from the UX Doctor

How do people feel when they interact with your website or app? Is it a positive, seamless experience where they come away with all the information (or purchases) they need? Or do they find your tone of voice unwelcoming and the cluttered content difficult to navigate?

6 September 2017Read in full


How to make more sales with Instagram

With a third of Instagrammers acting on an Instagram advert, brands are able to reach customers and make more sales like never before. So what can your business do to take advantage of this?

25 August 2017Read in full

Using GIFs in social media communications

Not using GIFs? Y tho?

Let’s face it, we all love a GIF. Despite being around for 30 years now, these snappy, moving images are more popular than ever in the social media world. So could they be the GIF that keeps on giving when it comes to social media communications?

17 August 2017Read in full

Video for business

Infographic: 13 questions to ask when creating a video for your business

Creating a successful branded business video that people enjoy and want to share isn’t easy. However, with some grounding in basic production techniques and a little care and attention, your video will be clocking up the views and likes in no time.

9 August 2017Read in full


'How I learned to stop worrying and tolerate LinkedIn'

There are differing opinions of LinkedIn in the Sookio office. Some see it working brilliantly for Sookio's B2B clients, whereas Chief Copywriter Rory Stobo is what you could call a non-believer. But is he starting to see the LinkedIn light?

3 August 2017Read in full

Sage Sookio

Watch: Sookio shares social media tips with Sage on Facebook Live

As a Sage Business Expert, Sue Keogh (Sookio) regularly offers tips and advice to the Sage business community on digital marketing. This week she was at their London HQ in the Shard to offer essential social media tips for small businesses, all broadcasted via Facebook Live to their community of nearly 600k followers.

19 July 2017Read in full

Love Island

Six surprising things Love Island can teach us about brand personality

Love Island is currently causing a stir across the nation, with more and more folk becoming hooked on the ITV2 show and its unmissable relationship drama. But what can brands learn from the programme? Beth Daniel, Sookio's Digital Marketing Assistant, explains all...

14 July 2017Read in full

GDPR advice for Cambridge businesses

GDPR: Get on top of data protection reform (and avoid a €20m fine)

Do you manage your customers' data? Perhaps you sell online or have a large database of people who you contact using email marketing. Then you need to know about GDPR! Read Sookio's guide to this important data protection reform and find out what steps your business should take to be fully compliant before the new rules come into force in 2018.

26 June 2017Read in full

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