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eLife Sciences Publications Limited

eLife is a non-profit organisation inspired by research funders and led by scientists. Our mission is to help scientists accelerate discovery by operating a platform for research communication that encourages and recognises the most responsible behaviours in science.

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eLife publishes outstanding work across the life sciences and biomedicine and is generously supported by its Founders, HHMI, Max Planck Institute and The Wellcome Trust, who have recently announced the renewal of their funding for a second five-year term until 2022. 

The editors of eLife are an international team of 300 leading researchers, led by Randy Schekman, recipient of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. In a little over four years, eLife has become an open-access publisher and a technology company with a team of 29 staff in Cambridge, UK. We have developed and run an open-source platform and have published over 2000 first-rate research articles.


Working together - eLife and early-career researchers

The community behind eLife are keenly aware of the pressures faced by junior investigators. To pursue their research interests and advance their careers, early-stage investigators need to communicate their scientific accomplishments and build their reputations. eLife aims to help.

Airport screening misses half of disease cases but could be improved

Scientists have shown that airport screening for disease will often miss half or more of infected travellers, but can be improved. The findings are published in the journal eLife.

20 February 2015Read in full

eLife welcomes new editors in ten major subject areas

eLife is happy to welcome new reviewing editors in: biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology, cell biology, computational and systems biology, genomics and evolutionary biology, genes and chromosomes, human biology and medicine, neuroscience, and in plant biology.

23 December 2014Read in full

New eLife 'Hangout On Air 'showcases outstanding papers and their early-career authors

Please join eLife on Monday December 8 (4pm GMT) to hear from the authors of three promising studies on the link between gut bacteria and arthritis, the structure of a receptor playing a key role in development, and a diagnostic tool capable of distinguishing between different types of enteric fever.

27 November 2014Read in full

eLife's latest podcast: The spread of the ebola virus

In the latest episode of the eLife podcast, hear about the spread of the ebola virus, the financial costs of research misconduct, aging in yeast, grooming in flies, and symbiosis between bacteria and fungal cells.

8 October 2014Read in full

A foundation for change: eLife reports on progress in 2013

eLife celebrates its first full year in publishing with the release of its 2013 Annual Report. The report emphasises eLife's achievements from last year and points towards how the unique initiative will continue to expand on successes in technology innovation and challenge the status quo.

18 August 2014Read in full

Moving research forward: eLife announces the Research Advance

eLife has introduced an innovative new type of article – the Research Advance – that invites the authors of any eLife paper to present significant additions to their original research.

14 August 2014Read in full

eLife's latest podcast: how photographs of faces can help diagnosis of rare disorders

In the latest episode of the eLife podcast, hear about using photographs to diagnose rare genetic disorders, an unexpected benefit of exercise, hybridizing fish species, the mysteries of the MECP2 gene, and the risks and benefits of using gene drives to alter wild populations.

7 August 2014Read in full

Discovery drivers: eLife interviews early-stage researchers

Discovery drivers: eLife interviews early-stage researchers

Sheer curiosity is behind so many great stories in science. eLife explores what drives individuals involved in research.

14 July 2014Read in full

Hear about the neuroscience of chewing in eLife's latest podcast

The latest episode of the eLife podcast - produced for eLife by The Naked Scientists - includes the neuroscience of chewing, skin cancer, African sleeping sickness and an ancient protein complex called TSET.

18 June 2014Read in full

eLife recognises early-career researchers

The academic editors of eLife, the open-access journal for the very best in life science and biomedical research, have selected five articles to represent the breadth, quality, and importance of work published by the journal.

23 May 2014Read in full

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