Jon Torrens

Jon Torrens

I enable leaders to deliver inspiring presentations with confidence. Writing, storytelling and delivery are key elements of great presentations. I’ll help you nail them all. I learnt these skills from years of doing of stand-up comedy and designing and pitching video games, so I can teach you really effective techniques in a way that’s actually fun, even to introverted, technical people who might think that communicating effectively is something they’re simply not good at.

Telephone: 01353 666 707
Address: Ely
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

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Jon’s worked as a designer at games companies including Sony and Electronic Arts, and as a professional stand-up comic for a few years, so he knows how to engage and motivate. Occasionally he can be funny too.

Now, as a coach and speaker, Jon teaches effective communication, using his personal skills to both show and tell. He has delivered communication skills training for Cambridge University and for a variety of tech companies and software developers.

A unique combination of insights from the worlds of computer game design and stand-up comedy enables even the most introverted of his clients to deliver presentations that enhance their professional persona and both delight and motivate their audiences. 

"Jon was an excellent coach and mentor, and his depth of experience in public speaking was clearly evident. His feedback was always precise and extremely useful, and I was able to put it into practice successfully in a presentation shortly after for visiting students. Jon's attention to detail, positive approach and light-hearted and approachable manner were very motivating and instilled confidence in myself and other members of the team."
Jack Griffin – World Art Manager, Criterion Games, Electronic Arts

“Jon made the unbearable, bearable! And not only in the training sessions; I now feel more comfortable envisioning future public speaking engagements”
Leigh Partin – Business Manager, Bridge Partners, Cambridge

Jeremy Waite by Colin Ramsay of Dragonlight Films

Tackle your public speaking fear: take every opportunity

In this moderately helpful piece, Communication Coach and show-off Jon Torrens attempts to inspire you to get out there and actually do something about your fear of public speaking. It's a noble effort.

4 February 2019Read in full

Jon Torrens being all wacky and weird. Quite annoying, isn't he?

Your weird weakness may actually be a strength

In this incisive piece, Communication Coach, introvert and slight show-off Jon Torrens explains how he's embracing his flaws.

8 January 2019Read in full

Jon Torrens running like a gazelle. One that's had a coffee.

Running and speaking: valuable lessons to be learnt

In this article, Communication Coach, introvert and needy show-off Jon Torrens explains how the amazing things he's learnt from running can also be applied to speaking.

4 December 2018Read in full

Team Fortress 2 characters:

Introverts can communicate effectively, too

In this article, Communication Coach Jon Torrens explains how different speaking styles can work.

26 October 2018Read in full

PechaKucha Cambridge at Espresso Library by Colin Ramsay

15 PechaKucha nights: what I learnt

Communication Coach Jon Torrens ran 15 PechaKucha Cambridge events; here he describes what he learnt, both good and bad.

10 October 2018Read in full

Daniel Chekalov on

Rehearse and improve, rehearse and improve

Communication Coach Jon Torrens believes that your pitch or presentation will improve each time you rehearse it, so you should do yourself a favour and get to it.

3 September 2018Read in full

Chaplin being chased

Improve your communication: cut to the chase

Communication Coach Jon Torrens hates it when you waffle, because it means your presentation or email will bore your audience. Do them a favour - get to the point.

19 July 2018Read in full

Image by Rory Moorhead on

Avoid basic pitching and presenting mistakes

Communication Coach Jon Torrens has a little bit of OCD when it comes to other people's pitches and presentations. In this piece, he'll explain how to avoid the simple errors that send him up the wall.

3 July 2018Read in full

Program Executive Order Soldier on Flickr

Simple tips for useful and sweet communication

Useful is good. Enjoyable is good. But both is the perfect style for your communication. In this short piece, Communication Coach Jon Torrens gives a few simple tips.

25 June 2018Read in full

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Save tonnes of time when writing presentations - sketch them first

Communication Coach Jon Torrens explains how going straight to finished slides without defining the structure first means you'll probably end up throwing away lots of work.

19 June 2018Read in full

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