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Creative Solutions

Investor relations and corporate communications specialists for corporate clients

Address: The Office, Brown House, The High Street, Newport, Nr Saffron Walden
Postcode: CB11 3QY
Country: United Kingdom
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We offer publication, presentation and conference management, and have worked with corporate clients, such as:



Cambridge University



Dixons Retail

The Home Office

hub by Premier Inn



Costa Coffee

Surrey Police


Cafe Rouge

Premier Inn


Smart Training

Balfour Beatty

Standard Chartered Bank

'Creative Solutions - Beautiful design put into practice'

Carver Barracks is an important part of our community

Creative Solutions supports the heroes

If there’s one section of the British Army that’s universally admired, it’s the bomb disposal units — the men and women who risk their lives to protect civilians from land-mines and other unexploded ordinance. It’s an honour for Creative Solutions to have the chance to support them.

13 December 2017Read in full

Creative Solutions: Going back to school for our businesses​

Going back to school for our businesses​

Education? No, surely we’ve all had enough of school, haven’t we? We’re out in the real world of business now. It’s not quite as simple as that, though. Business and education need one another, and two events coming up in the New Year make the most of that — from opposite ends of the academic world.

12 December 2017Read in full

Creative Review: Getting on by getting online

Getting on by getting online

We don’t hand in either our need or ability to learn when we walk out of school or college for the last time. Getting a job is a whole new chapter in our education — and an employer who doesn’t recognise the need of their workers to continue learning is not going to get the best out of them.

5 December 2017Read in full

Creative Review: The Force was with us...

The Force was with us...

Jeremy Rose of Creative Solutions recalls the work his team carried out for Surrey Police about 10 years ago...

5 December 2017Read in full

One of the most familiar brands on the high street, Costa Coffee

Let’s meet for a coffee - all 350 of us!

When someone we’re doing business with says “Let’s meet up at Costa for a coffee”, we assume they mean a quiet one-to-one to discuss a project. We don’t expect it to be a meeting with 350 other people, complete with speakers, presentations and videos. But then we’re not Costa Coffee.

30 November 2017Read in full

Creative Review: Mothercare – Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Mothercare conference focuses on 'Today, Tomorrow and Beyond'

It makes sense that a company centred around new life would want to focus on the future. The centrepiece of Mothercare’s supplier conference was a vision of “Today, Tomorrow and Beyond” — and making sure the future didn’t falter before it had started was Creative Solutions.​

16 November 2017Read in full

The Voxel Chair was built by a robot and printed in air

Built by robots, printed in air

3D printing may be the closest we have to Star Trek replicators, but it still has severe limitations. It’s expensive and time-consuming, so rarely worthwhile to use as a preference to building the old-fashioned way. But the Voxel Chair may show a change coming.​

9 November 2017Read in full

Old World and the New — presenting Inchcape

Old world and the new - presenting Inchcape

The AGM of a company that was founded 170 years ago and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index can’t possibly be allowed to go wrong. But, despite its Victorian origins, Inchcape PLC turned to twenty-first century technology for the design and presentation elements of their event — and that meant turning to Creative Solutions.

7 November 2017Read in full

Creative Review: If you don't ask, you don't get

Terminating sales problems for Aventis

As Arnold Schwarzenegger said in Terminator, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.“ As a cyborg from the future, he might not actually have been thinking about sales techniques, but the quote is surprisingly apt.​​

2 November 2017Read in full

Launch of hub by Premier Inn

Creative Review: Launching a high-tech hotel chain

Creative Solutions stages events at some prestigious locations, as well as a few that only exist in cyber-space. There’s something, though, about a cosmopolitan hotel in the heart of London’s West End that isn’t easy to beat.

30 October 2017Read in full

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