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FotoInsight Ltd

Online digital photo processing for the UK and 32 European countries. Newspaper and events solutions.

Address: 9 Moore Close, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 1ZP
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Online digital photo processing for the UK and 32 European countries. Poster printing, mugs, photo books, calendars, shirts etc ideal for exhibitions and conferences. TIPA 2008 Award winning CEWE photo book service: “With its photobook concept, CEWE offers a complete solution for creating and ordering high quality photobooks across Europe. Digital photos can be combined with backgrounds, text and page design, and the CEWE photobook software is free of charge and offers intuitive handling. ...”.

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Christmas Gifts with a Personal Touch

Christmas Gifts with a Personal Touch

When well being and friendship become more important than material goods, then the way presents are selected changes, too. These gift ideas range from the decorative, the practical to family friendly games. They all have in common, that they can be personalised with own images. 

Personalised Photo Gifts for Valentine's and Mother's Day

Personalised Photo Gifts for Valentine's and Mother's Day

While industrial mass production has been moving to the East and Far East, modern computer controlled production processes increase the flexibility of Europe's industry, making ever smaller production runs possible. FotoInsight of Cambridge specialises in one of a kind photo gifts for added inspiration.

FotoInsight with new, larger Photo Calendars Printed from Digital Images

FotoInsight with new, larger Photo Calendars Printed from Digital Images

A professionally printed calendar with own digital images must rank among the most convenient personalised gift ideas among for friends and family. A UK photo service is expanding this idea with a greater choice of calendars.

Personalisation: the  trend on Valentine's Day in 2009

Personalisation: the trend on Valentine's Day in 2009

Valentine symbols have changed since courtly love flourished in the High Middle Ages. By the late nineteenth century Valentine cards were popular. Today it is difficult to escape Valentine's kitsch. Remembering the tradition of expressing love through love notes FotoInsight puts the personal note back into Valentine.

A Dozen Gift Ideas which have not Increased in Price

A Dozen Gift Ideas which have not Increased in Price

What to give at Christmas if everything has become more expensive?
Ideas for recession Christmas gifts in a year prices for (almost) everything went up.

FotoInsight launches new photobook

The innovative photo book featuring 26 glossy satin finish pages takes up to 312 pictures and can be ordered online without any special software.

Laser Engraved Photo Crystal Gifts for Valentine's

FotoInsight of Cambridge today announced the launch of new crystal photo gifts.

FotoInsight’s Advent photo calendar for self-filling

Fill Your Own photo Advent calendar with truly personal treats

The Advent calendar has changed dramatically in its 500-year history: for some years now, the online photo service FotoInsight has been printing bespoke Advent calendars with customers' own pictures. Previously, the service has enabled customers to personalise their calendars with images and graphic design, but not with chocolates. FotoInsight is changing that now.

26 October 2017Read in full

Chocolate-free photo Advent calendars, the zero-carb option for photo enthusiasts

Every day of Advent offers a sweet surprise, free of sugar and artificial sweeteners, saving 1,000 calories.

1 November 2016Read in full

A positive surprise every day of Advent, with no sugar

New: the photo memory Advent calendar - a year’s life in full colour!

FotoInsight's new chocolate-free advent calendars are the zero carb option for the photo enthusiast.

10 November 2015Read in full

Portrait photo picture pairs card games

Every nursery, school and family should play its own ‘Face Picture Pairs’ card game

The Wellcome Trust’s science essay award for ‘Prosopagnosia - a Common Problem, Commonly Overlooked’ helped briefly direct public attention to the problem of ‘face blindness’, which far too many people are suffering from. Specialists recommend every family, nursery and school to test children for face perception disorders with a personalised picture pairs card game with faces of classmates or family.

8 April 2015Read in full

FotoInsight Ltd.

FotoInsight takes over operation of the website “Printing-1”

The fragmented photo print industry is undergoing concentration through acquisitions. The Cambridge online photo print service FotoInsight has taken over operation of the rival website “Printing-1”.

16 June 2014Read in full

Photo Advent Calendar with chocolates

The Advent calendar season begins

Those who want to make a truly unique Advent calendar with their own photographs will find help at FotoInsight. Starting in October, freshly filled chocolate Advent calendars with custom photo-print will again be available online.

25 October 2012Read in full

Cambridge internet business is best online photo printer in Germany

Cambridge Company FotoInsight Ltd is the best online photo print service in Germany, according to Europe’s largest consumer advice magazine “test”.

18 October 2012Read in full

School supplies with own photographs

School and office supplies from a photo service

FotoInsight introduces photo products for the new school year.

2 August 2012Read in full

Photo Acrylic Poster Prints

Photo acrylic posters on FotoInsight new Irish print service

FotoInsight is launching today a new Irish website for photo books, calendars, acrylic poster prints and other quality photo print products already known in the UK.

21 March 2012Read in full

Photographic paper calendars withstand the magnifying glass test!

Photographic paper calendars withstand the magnifying glass test!

New: Photo Calendars on real photographic paper in “dot-free” professional print quality.

4 November 2011Read in full

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