Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University is the university of choice for students and employers in the East of England and operates principally from campuses in Cambridge and Chelmsford

Telephone: 01245 493 131
Address: East Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 1PT
Country: United Kingdom
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Today we have around 30,000 students studying at our campuses and at the colleges that form our Regional University Partnerships. Our two main sites (at Cambridge and Chelmsford) attract a variety of students from the local community as well as the rest of the UK and overseas.

We contribute actively to the economic strength of the region by supporting the growth and success of businesses, government departments, charities and organisations.

We have years of real and credible industry expertise at the cutting edge of Business, Education, Science and Technology, Health, Arts, Law and Social Science.

The needs of every organisation are different and we are unique in supporting those needs. This is achieved by providing a route to academic expertise - a process more commonly referred to as knowledge transfer.

Knowledge transfer can take several forms, such as:-

Product development - achieved through, research, testing and validation or sponsored research.

Staff development - achieved through accredited or unaccredited courses, continuous professional development courses or distance learning.

Specialist facilities - such as operating theatres, forensic labs, mock courtroom, scientific and technical equipment, meeting and conference space

To benefit from our bank of expertise - call us now on 0845 196 3177.

The Big Pitch

The Big Pitch

The Big Pitch is a business idea competition exclusively for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Anglia Ruskin University across all campuses: Cambridge, Chelmsford and Peterborough.

Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Technology Solutions

Degree Apprenticeship in Digital Technology Solutions

Developed with local tech employers, our Digital and Technology Solutions Degree Apprenticeship course is a cost-effective way for you to attract, develop and retain a highly-skilled workforce.

Bitcoin crash could derail other cryptocurrencies

A sharp fall in the value of Bitcoin may cause other cryptocurrencies to crash, but is unlikely to have a significant impact on traditional assets, according to new research published in the journal Economics Letters.

8 February 2018Read in full

'Transformation' at Anglia Ruskin University

Artwork allows visitors to see ‘science in action’

The official launch of the public artwork ‘Transformation’, which forms part of Anglia Ruskin University’s new science centre, will take place next Tuesday, 13 February (5-7pm).

6 February 2018Read in full

Diabetes doubles chance of developing cataract

New UK-based study finds relative risk is highest among people aged between 45 and 54

5 February 2018Read in full

Greylag geese

Geese reduce metabolic rate to cope with winter

New research shows that geese cope with the harsh winter climate by reducing their heart rate and body temperature.

1 February 2018Read in full

Cambridge marks 100 years of women obtaining vote

Anglia Ruskin University is supporting Cambridge City Council and CAMVOTE100 with a series of public events in Cambridge to celebrate 100 years of votes for women.

31 January 2018Read in full

Walk in groups to keep exercise goals on track

People may be more likely to stick to taking exercise if they walk in groups, according to a paper published in the International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care.

30 January 2018Read in full

Professor Patricia Schofield

Professor leads task force to tackle pain in vulnerable adults

An Anglia Ruskin University Professor has been selected to lead an international task force to highlight the subject of pain in vulnerable adults.

25 January 2018Read in full

Items used by Véronique during a previous project

Daily commute becomes art at Anglia Ruskin

A new exhibition examining the concept of “place” will open in Cambridge this week – and an Anglia Ruskin University academic will be contributing in a rather unique way.

22 January 2018Read in full

Natural environments promote positive body image

Natural environments promote positive body image

New research shows that the natural environment has a powerful effect on promoting positive body image – and you don’t even have to set foot outdoors to experience the benefits.

19 January 2018Read in full

Quick quick slow is no-go in crab courtship dance

Female fiddler crabs are sensitive to changes in the speed of a male’s courtship display, significantly preferring displays that accelerate to those that are performed at a constant speed or slow down, according to new research.

17 January 2018Read in full

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