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Phillips Profile PR

Phillips Profile is a Cambridge-based public relations consultancy. Working at local, regional, national and global levels, Phillips Profile advises across a wide spectrum of market sectors including utilities, not for profit, academia, oil and gas...\r\n

Address: The Officers' Mess Business Centre, Royston Road, Duxford
Postcode: CB22 4QH
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

As our name implies, we believe that profile-building lies at the heart of successful PR and Marketing. Our writing is intelligent, creative and persuasive and we focus on building effective relationships for clients with their key stakeholders.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Phillips Profile is known for its effective strategic planning, lateral thinking, implementation of imaginative and wide-ranging programmes and its ability to offer pertinent behind-the-scenes advice on sensitive issues including crisis communications.

We offer all the services that you would expect from a consultancy from media relations and social media to event and design and print management.

Phillips Profile has worked in a wide range of sectors and industries, from technology and construction, to heritage and higher education, addressing both B2B and B2C audiences.

Our focus: is exclusively on our clients and meeting their requirements. We always put our clients first.

Our approach: we listen; we learn from our clients; we research; we advise; we implement; we evaluate.

Our range: we work at global, national, regional and local levels.

Twitter: @phillipsprofile

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Planning and strategy

Strategic planning, often behind the scenes, forms the basis of the PR programmes and ideas that we devise. We work closely with clients, usually at senior management level, to define the company or organisation’s profile, both existing and projected, and then work out the means to raise and develop that profile externally.

Crisis PR

Every company may face a situation where they need to react swiftly to a breaking story. It is important to anticipate these situations and plan ahead where possible. We offer support by arranging media training, identifying potential problem areas and organising practice scenarios. We are available immediately to assist throughout any such crisis.


Good communication is vital to any PR programme and we undertake all aspects of copywriting for our clients including press releases, articles, customer letters, brochure copy, direct mail, newsletters and annual reports. Often this also involves detailed research to obtain the information to be included in the written material.

Design and print management

We manage the design and print process from initial concept through to distribution of the finished item. From discussions regarding requirements, we create in depth briefs for photographers, designers and printers. We control and manage the whole process, ensuring delivery to budget and timescale, capturing the client’s vision and corporate image.

Internal affairs

Staff morale is important to any organisation and we can advise on ways to keep staff informed and enthused. Very often, when a campaign’s internal PR is right, it helps drive successfully the external PR.

Marketing services

We have experience across a wide range of marketing activities – advertising, market research, sponsorship and direct mail. The consultancy is therefore able to manage multi-disciplined publicity campaigns. When required, we are also able to manage the involvement of specialist marketing consultancies.

Media relations

For each client, we draw up and maintain press lists covering all the media that they might wish to contact. We target specific publications and journalists and seek to establish good long-term relationships with them on behalf of the client. In our experience, this targeting yields better opportunities for coverage than a scatter-gun approach.


One of the specialist skills that we are able to offer clients is that of proofreading. It is very easy for mistakes to slip through and spoil a finished item of print. By rigorously checking proofs at every stage we seek to eliminate unnecessary and expensive mistakes. In addition, no material ever goes to print without final client sign-off.

Public affairs

Phillips Profile has discreet access to the Westminster lobbying process and can advise on a client’s profile in sensitive political situations. We have also built up considerable professional expertise in community liaison, for example: handling the public relations aspects of planning applications.

Event management

We have organised a wide range of events including lunches and dinners for networking purposes; client conferences, seminars and study days; charity concerts; community and business awards; and staff parties. We always work within the parameters and budgets set by the client.

PlantGrow Rose Fertiliser

New PlantGrow® product launched at GLEE

PlantGrow is extending its range with the launch of a new product at GLEE 2017: PlantGrow Natural Rose Fertiliser.

31 August 2017Read in full

GTC HBF new deal

GTC announces new even better fibre-to-the-home deal for HBF members

A simplified rebate system and the inclusion of smaller developments from 40* plots upwards: the exclusive package agreed with the Home Builders Federation (HBF), provides members with GTC’s reliable, high-speed UltraStream300 Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) on new-build sites at discounted rates.

29 August 2017Read in full


AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating collaborate at Toulouse

AIM Altitude and Thompson Aero Seating have collaborated for the first time as AVIC companies to create stunning integrated front-row furniture and seating for the Airbus full-scale mock-up centre in Toulouse.

18 August 2017Read in full

PG Homebase

PlantGrow: Totally natural garden fertiliser in demand following its launch

In less than a year since its launch, PlantGrow®, the totally natural plant food and fertiliser, is now available nationwide, following keen interest by horticulturists and retailers. To have achieved national distribution so swiftly is down to recognition of PlantGrow as a breakthrough product, long awaited.

25 July 2017Read in full


AIM Altitude reveals its accomplishments on the new EL AL Dreamliner

AIM Altitude is able to announce today that it is the manufacturer of the clean, calming and sophisticated new front-row monuments for EL AL’s Dreamliner 787-9 fleet.

29 June 2017Read in full

Homebase stocks PlantGrow

Homebase now stocks PlantGrow chemical free fertiliser and lawn food

The PlantGrow team is delighted to announce that three PlantGrow products will be available in 200 Homebase stores later this week.

21 June 2017Read in full


Innovative galley features strike interest for AIM Altitude - next generation galleys

AIM Altitude’s new prototype galley, featured at AIX Hamburg 2017, has spiked interest from various airline customers. The galley features were designed from research carried out by AIM Altitude in New Zealand.

13 June 2017Read in full

GTC Alconbury

GTC connects 4800 homes at Alconbury ex-MOD site

GTC is well under way with work on the latest of 18 contracts for sites released by the MOD for the building of new homes. This contract is for the utilities connections for more than 4,800 dual-fuel plots at the former RAF Alconbury in Cambridgeshire for Urban & Civic PLC.

23 May 2017Read in full

GTC Tornagrain

Scotland exemplar site, Tornagrain, goes live on GTC’s fibre network

The first homes to be built in Tornagrain, the Highlands newest town near Inverness, have now gone live on GTC’s ultrafast Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network. As on all GTC sites, every new house will be fibre-ready as homeowners move in.

16 May 2017Read in full

met logo

Public sector set to benefit from cutting edge sustainable energy solutions

Public sector organisations in England and Wales are about to benefit from £320M of support from the Government to decarbonise building heating systems.

26 April 2017Read in full

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