is the first and only online marketplace platform dedicated to English-Chinese bilingual project work. It enables businesses to access instantly a variety of skills and China expertise on demand, no matter how big or small the project. Crayfish® offers considerable cost savings, enabling businesses to make good use of flexible Chinese speaking resources that are currently under-used.

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Country: United Kingdom
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The China market presents unique challenges and can be fraught with a variety of difficulties. Companies wanting to trade with China have found it difficult to penetrate the market or sustain a presence when they get there; have floundered with the culture and have even lost opportunities over an incorrect translation.

We offer an integrated solution from strategy to execution by leveraging our global network of Chinese speaking expertise. We help businesses access high-quality support with considerable cost savings and improve their efficiency in managing China-related projects.

Crayfish webinars explore business with China

New webinar series covers every aspect of doing business with China

If you are keen to enter the Chinese market - or want to grow your business in China - you cannot afford to miss a new series of informative fortnightly webinars from Cambridge-based Chinese experts

11 January 2019Read in full

8 is favoured by Chinese people

‘What’s your number?’ The meaning of numbers in Chinese culture

Numbers in China hold special significance and many Chinese people will make different choices in life simply because of the date, or because a particular number spells out bad luck or indeed, good fortune. sheds light on the meaning of numbers in this fascinating culture...

11 December 2018Read in full

Crayfish webinar: Managing your Chinese employees

Following its first successful HR webinar, invites its seasoned HR expert Jenny Chen from Shanghai to speak about developing and motivating the Chinese team, especially the younger generation.

3 December 2018Read in full

Ting Zhang

Cambridge China Forum taps into Ting Zhang’s expertise

The expertise and experience of Ting Zhang, Founder and CEO of, makes her an important speaker at next month's Cambridge China Forum – the inaugural event aiming to drive forward UK/China business relationships.

30 October 2018Read in full

New Enterprise Service from offers an integrated solution

New help is at hand for Western companies keen to explore the lucrative possibilities of trading with China. In addition to the popular online platform for Chinese projects, has launched a new Enterprise Service, aimed at supporting businesses of all sizes in every sector to fulfil their Chinese ambitions.

17 October 2018Read in full

China: Tackling the talent shortage challenge

Doing Business in China: Tackling the talent shortage challenge

China has been through the ‘growing pain’ of lacking a skilled labour force for the past decade, and it is not getting any better soon, says Ting Zhang, Founder & CEO of

10 September 2018Read in full

Doing business with China: Business dinner etiquette

Doing business with China: Business dinner etiquette

Personal relationships are important in any business context, but to build successful relationships in China it is crucial to start by understanding cultural differences. This is especially true in social situations like business lunches and dinners.

3 September 2018Read in full

Wechat icon on smartphone

Doing business with China: increase your WeChat official account followers

Western social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on are banned in China. That is why businesses keen to increase brand awareness and engagement in the country opt for WeChat, considered the super app in China.

17 July 2018Read in full

WeChat is the super app in China

Doing business with China: WeChat Marketing 101

If you are doing business with China, you might already know that Western social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on are banned in China. So how can you harness the power of social media to increase brand awareness and engagement there?

10 July 2018Read in full

Doing business with China - gifting etiquette

Doing business with China: gifting etiquette

Building personal relationships is an intrinsic part of doing business in China and exchanging gifts can help that greatly. But what do you take, and who should receive your gifts?

3 July 2018Read in full

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  3. 3 China IP & Trademark webinar series, session 2

5 Mar 2019Online

Protect Yourself: IP Strategy and Litigating in China
In a series of webinars held by, seasoned HR experts from China will speak about the latest trends in the Chinese IP & Trademark law and implications for Western businesses.