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University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of the world's leading higher education and research institutions. The University was instrumental in the formation of the Cambridge Network and its Vice- Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, is also the President of the Cambridge Network.

Telephone: 01223 337 733
Address: The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge
Postcode: CB2 1TN
Country: United Kingdom
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The University of Cambridge consists of over 100 departments, faculties and schools plus a central administration, most of which have their own web sites. If you are looking for information from or about a specific department, you can find details and their web pages by going to their website at

Surface lakes on ice sheet  Credit: Alison Banwell

Surface lakes cause Antarctic ice shelves to ‘flex’

The filling and draining of meltwater lakes has been found to cause a floating Antarctic ice shelf to flex, potentially threatening its stability.

14 February 2019Read in full

What does it take to make a better battery?

What does it take to make a better battery?

Cambridge researchers are working to solve one of technology’s biggest puzzles: how to build next-generation batteries that could power a green revolution.

12 February 2019Read in full


Machine learning algorithm helps in the search for new drugs

Researchers have designed a machine learning algorithm for drug discovery which has been shown to be twice as efficient as the industry standard, which could accelerate the process of developing new treatments for disease.

12 February 2019Read in full

operating theatre

Cambridge Science Festival examines the future of healthcare

Will genomics revolutionise healthcare? What are the challenges to improving safety and quality in healthcare? Is immunology the future of medicine? Are we on the brink of curing Alzheimer’s disease?

12 February 2019Read in full

Headache/Credit: typographyimages

Wine before beer, or beer before wine? Either way, you’ll be hungover, study finds

“Beer before wine and you’ll feel fine; wine before beer and you’ll feel queer” goes the age-old aphorism. But scientists have now shown that it doesn’t matter how you order your drinks – if you drink too much, you’re still likely to be ill.

11 February 2019Read in full

pixabay_cyber technology_the digital artist

Cambridge Science Festival: technology – what next?

Are quantum computers the ultimate tool for discovery? Can we make algorithms trustworthy? Is technology making us miserable? What next for Alexa?

8 February 2019Read in full

Quantum leap on the horizon?

Quantum leap on the horizon?

Cambridge researchers are devising new methods to keep sensitive information out of the hands of hackers. They launched the UK’s first ‘unhackable’ network – made safe by the “laws of physics” – in 2018.

8 February 2019Read in full

wind farm/ Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

Cambridge receives new funding to support PhD students in science and engineering

The University of Cambridge has received new government and industrial funding to support at least 350 PhD students over the next eight years, via the creation of new Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

5 February 2019Read in full

Credit: Claudia and David Harding

Cambridge University secures unprecedented £100m gift to support students

Cambridge University has announced an unprecedented £100 million gift to help attract the most talented postgraduate and undergraduate students from the UK and around the world. The donation from the David and Claudia Harding Foundation is the biggest single gift made to a university in the UK by a British philanthropist.

5 February 2019Read in full

Image credit: Joshua Brown on Unsplash

Confronting the realities of climate change at Cambridge Science Festival

From fashion and farming to policy and individual choice, every aspect of our life is being affected by climate change – one of the most critical and pressing issues of our times.

4 February 2019Read in full

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Building Bridges in Medical Sciences (BBMS) Conference

8 Mar 2019Jesus College, Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BL

Building Bridges in Medical Sciences is a one-day conference that brings together scientists from different disciplines, career stages and countries. The conference emphasises the need for interdisciplinary approaches to tackle the biomedical research and global health challenges of the 21st century.

Cambridge Science Festival 2019

11 Mar 2019 - 23 Mar 2019Various - see website for details

Cambridge Science Festival gives the public the opportunity to explore Cambridge Science. Thanks to the generosity of the University, our sponsors and partners, most of the events are free.

The 145th Mathematics European Study group with Industry (ESGI)

The 145th Mathematics European Study group with Industry (ESGI)

8 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019Centre For Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge CB3 0WA

Across a 5-day workshop, the ESGI brings academic mathematicians and industrialists together to solve the real and important issues that companies are facing today. Companies benefit from mathematical analysis and insight to develop practical solutions. Expressions of interest by 31 January 2019 please

Open Cambridge 2019

15 Sep 2019Various - see website for details

Open Cambridge is part of the national Heritage Open Days scheme. Designed to offer special access to places that are normally closed to the public or charge admission

Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2019

14 Oct 2019 - 26 Oct 2019Various - see website for details

With hundreds of free events over two weeks, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas is one of the most exciting and dynamic occasions in the Cambridge cultural calendar.