University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of the world's leading higher education and research institutions. The University was instrumental in the formation of the Cambridge Network and its Vice- Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, is also the President of the Cambridge Network.

Telephone: 01223 337 733
Address: The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge
Postcode: CB2 1TN
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Founder Member

The University of Cambridge consists of over 100 departments, faculties and schools plus a central administration, most of which have their own web sites. If you are looking for information from or about a specific department, you can find details and their web pages by going to their website at

The Hauser Forum, home of Cambridge Enterprise

Cambridge and four other universities form agritech partnership

Five leading universities, including the University of Cambridge, have formed a partnership to develop and commercialise agritech research, in order to improve sustainability, increase productivity and contribute to global food security.

11 April 2018Read in full

Hands typing on keyboard/ Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

What makes a faster typist?

The largest-ever dataset on typing speeds and styles, based on 136 million keystrokes from 168,000 volunteers, finds that the fastest typists not only make fewer errors, but they often type the next key before the previous one has been released.

6 April 2018Read in full

Hands on Keyboard/ credit: Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Online tool can measure individuals’ likelihood to fall for internet scams

Researchers have developed an online questionnaire which measures a range of personality traits to identify individuals who are more likely to fall victim to internet scams and other forms of cybercrime.

5 April 2018Read in full

Credit: Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Researchers develop infrared-based system to read body language

Infrared sensors and a marshmallow offer researchers a new way to monitor and assess social interaction.

4 April 2018Read in full

Credit: MX3D. Bridge design by Joris Laarman

Sensors make world’s first 3D printed steel bridge 'a living laboratory'

Dr Mohammed Elshafie, Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC) Co-Investigator, is collaborating with a team from The Alan Turing Institute, Imperial College London and 3D printing company MX3D to measure, monitor and analyse the performance of a 3D printed footbridge due to be installed across a canal in Amsterdam later this year.

3 April 2018Read in full

PHG Foundation joins University of Cambridge

Unique science for health policy think-tank joins University of Cambridge

A leading multidisciplinary think tank, the PHG Foundation, has become part of the University of Cambridge as of 1 April this year, with a focus on making science work for health.

3 April 2018Read in full

Hay Festival, Wales, by Marsha Arnold

Cambridge celebrates 10th anniversary at Hay Festival

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Cambridge Series at the Hay Festival, with academics from across disciplines speaking about their research.

29 March 2018Read in full

Cambridge and Nanjing launch strategic collaboration

Cambridge and Nanjing launch strategic collaboration

Professor Stephen Toope, the University of Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor, has signed an agreement to formalise a strategic partnership with the Nanjing Municipal Government.

28 March 2018Read in full

Atomic scale view of perovskite crystal formation

Potassium gives perovskite-based solar cells an efficiency boost

A simple potassium solution could boost the efficiency of next-generation solar cells, by enabling them to convert more sunlight into electricity.

26 March 2018Read in full

experiment predicts massive toll of flu pandemic on the UK

Citizen science experiment predicts massive toll of flu pandemic on the UK

How fast could a new flu epidemic spread? The results of the UK’s largest citizen science project of its kind ever attempted, carried out by thousands of volunteers, predict that 43 million people in the UK could be infected in an influenza pandemic, and with up to 886,000 of those infected expected to be fatalities.

23 March 2018Read in full

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Summer at the Museums

Summer at the Museums

25 Jul 2018Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Summer at the Museums brings you everything from hands-on activities and storytelling, to drop-in events and museum trails.

Apple Day

Apple Day

21 Oct 2018Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

A family favourite and chance to celebrate all things apple; including
apple tastings, apple identification, cultivation advice plus craft activities,
local craft and produce stalls, free Garden seasonal autumn highlight
tours, live music and pop-up food trucks.