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University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is acknowledged as one of the world's leading higher education and research institutions. The University was instrumental in the formation of the Cambridge Network and its Vice- Chancellor, Professor Stephen Toope, is also the President of the Cambridge Network.

Telephone: 01223 337 733
Address: The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge
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Country: United Kingdom
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The University of Cambridge consists of over 100 departments, faculties and schools plus a central administration, most of which have their own web sites. If you are looking for information from or about a specific department, you can find details and their web pages by going to their website at


Silk 'micrococoons' could be used in biotechnology and medicine

Researchers have manufactured microscopic versions of the cocoons spun by silkworms, which could be used to store sensitive proteins and other molecules for a wide range of uses.

20 July 2017Read in full

Botanic Garden launches new Flower Power Family Trail

Cambridge University Botanic Garden launches new Flower Power Family Trail

A new Flower Power Trail opens soon at Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The new trail, to be launched on Saturday (22nd July), is aimed at families with primary school aged children and will take visitors around the Garden to meet fabulous flowers and find out about the groovy creatures that pollinate them.

19 July 2017Read in full

Bismuth oxyiodide light absorbers

Non-toxic alternative for next-generation solar cells

Researchers have demonstrated how a non-toxic alternative to lead could form the basis of next-generation solar cells.

19 July 2017Read in full

I drink because I'm thirsty Credit: Nithi Anand

Vice-Chancellor’s awards recognise the difference researchers make to society

An open source, 3D-printable microscope that forms the cornerstone of rapid, automated water testing kits for use in low and middle-income countries, has helped a Cambridge researcher and his not-for-profit spin-out company win the top prize in this year’s Vice-Chancellor’s Impact Awards at the University of Cambridge.

18 July 2017Read in full

snip graphic/ Image Credit: The District

Snip, snip, cure: correcting defects in the genetic blueprint

Gene editing using ‘molecular scissors’ that snip out and replace faulty DNA could provide an almost unimaginable future for some patients: a complete cure. Cambridge researchers are working towards making the technology cheap and safe, as well as examining the ethical and legal issues surrounding one of the most exciting medical advances of recent times.

18 July 2017Read in full

Cambridge becomes global hub for improving care of head injured patients

A new research group focused on improving the care of patients with traumatic brain injury in low- and middle-income countries is to be established at the University of Cambridge. The University's Division of Neurosurgery and Addenbrooke’s Hospital has been funded with £1.78 million to establish the NIHR Global Health Research Group on Neurotrauma.

17 July 2017Read in full

Lose Weight and Gain Muscle /Credit: Thomas Morris

Common strength ‘genes’ identified for first time

Common genetic factors that influence muscle strength in humans have been identified for the first time in a study led by researchers from the University of Cambridge, just published in Nature Communications.

14 July 2017Read in full

Smallest-ever star discovered by astronomers

Smallest-ever star discovered by astronomers

A star about the size of Saturn – the smallest ever measured – has been identified by astronomers.

13 July 2017Read in full

Spider web necklace with pearls of dew

Green method developed for making artificial spider silk

Researchers have designed a super stretchy, strong and sustainable material that mimics the qualities of spider silk, and is ‘spun’ from a material that is 98% water.

12 July 2017Read in full

Canola crop with wheat crop in background

Major funding announced for new crop sciences research centre

Over £30m has been announced for a new Cambridge Centre for Crop Science that will focus on linking with farming and food industries to translate research into real world impact.

12 July 2017Read in full

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