Cultural Training - Working Effectively with the Germans

Cultural Training - Working Effectively with the Germans

Programme overview

Each delegate will be asked to complete and return a pre-course questionnaire, to enable the trainer to tailor the session to meet their needs.  The general topics we cover in the session are:

  • Welcome, Introduction and Agenda
  • Introduction and History: Wars, changing states, East and West
  • Cultural Awareness
  • German Business Practice and Communication - Rules and Regulations “Ordnung muss sein” (“There has to be order”)
  • German Negotiation and Conflict Resolution - Meetings, sharing information, “Wissen ist Macht” (“knowledge is power”)
  • German Business Etiquette & Social Protocols
  • Conclusion and round-up


By the end of this course, you will:

  • understand what motivates your German colleagues and customers
  • understand how and when you need to modify your business behaviour to create a positive impression and manage team activities
  • be able to use a range of techniques for effective cross-cultural communication
  • have a toolbox of practical tips that will be immediately useful in their next encounter with your German partners.

Course structure

The course is interactive and delegates will be encouraged to share their experience (in a confidential environment) and explore solutions together through discussion, exercises and role-play of ‘real life’ business scenarios.  The trainer will also refer to powerpoint throughout the session, which will be provided as a hard copy at the end of the day. 


Babel has an established relationship with Cambridge Network since 2006.  Providing Cultural Training delivered by experienced, professional, personable trainers.

Working with the Germans can be challenging. Even though it is stimulating and rewarding, there are potential difficulties when people from different cultures misunderstand each other, especially when English is not their first language.  This practical workshop will identify the keys to understanding the Chinese and will enable you to be more effective when working with your German team members, partners and clients.

What our delegates say…

 “Very good in how to grasp cultural differences and not to pre-judge.”

“Very relevant to my current work requirements, with particular emphasis on considering emails and phone communication."

Additional options

Country Briefings

For any assignees due to go to Germany we can offer them and their family a “Working and Living Effectively in Germany” session delivered in house or at their home, pre-departure.

For any assignees from Germany due to the UK, we can offer them and their family a “Working and Living Effectively in the UK” session delivered in house or at their home, upon arrival.

Language Training

To compliment this training we can also provide German, EFL language training, Advanced Business English and Accent Modification.  The lessons can be delivered face-to-face, ‘live’ on-line or as a blended solution. 

Cultural Newsletter

Delegates can also sign up to our free monthly cultural newsletter.


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