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欢迎访问剑桥网络(Cambridge Network)。 剑桥网络为剑桥各技术公司和剑桥大学提供定制介绍

Cambridge Network offers bespoke introductions to Cambridge technology companies and the University.

Cambridge, UK, is synonymous with innovation. It is home to a University with a world-class record in scientific discovery and is one of the most vibrant clusters of high-tech and biotech companies in Europe. This unique mix of academic expertise and technology innovation is driving the development of breakthrough technologies and applications that are changing our world.


Helping you to make connections
Cambridge Network gives international companies and investment houses the opportunity to find out about the diverse, world-leading technology and product development that takes place in the companies and universities around Cambridge, to the benefit of both.  We offer an individually-crafted programme of one-to-one meetings with leading university researchers and technology companies, tailored to meet your specific needs.



Who should attend?
Technology scouts, R&D heads, Heads of Innovation or CTOs, venture capitalists and corporate venturers looking for technologies to add to their portfolios.

How does it work?

  • You outline your technology ‘wish-list’ to Cambridge Network
  • Cambridge Network lists potential organisations of interest
  • You select the organisations you want to meet
  • Cambridge Network arranges a meeting itinerary for you 
  • You visit Cambridge and meet leading technology companies and university researchers.



  • 描述您的目标和在技术上想实现的“愿望清单”;
  • 剑桥网络列出您可能感兴趣的机构和公司;
  • 剑桥网络安排会议和访问行程;
  • 邀您到访剑桥,与各领先技术公司和大学研究人员会面。

Who else has been?
Cambridge has attracted many different global companies seeking innovation and competitive advantage, some of whom visit frequently and many of whom have concluded deals subsequent to their initial visit to Cambridge.  Past visitors have included: Boots Centre for Innovation, British Biocell, Dow, ELK, Ericsson, Finmeccanica, Infosys, Itochu, MSD, Pepsico, Philips Research, Philips Corporate Technologies, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Rusnano, SABIC, Samsung, Shell, Solvay, SSL, Unilever and World Energy. Outcomes include research collaborations and significant trading and investment deals as well as the establishment of new corporate research centres in our region.


剑桥吸引了许多不同的跨国公司和机构来寻求创新机会,以建立在市场中的竞争优势。其中一些公司曾多次到访剑桥,大部分公司在第一次到访剑桥时就成功签订了商业合同。以往的一些成功公司案例包括:陶氏(Dow)、ELK、爱立信(Ericsson)、芬梅卡尼(Finmeccanica)、印孚瑟斯(Infosys)、伊藤忠(Itochu)、默沙东(MSD)、百事可乐(Pepsico)、飞利浦研究所(Philips Research)、宝洁(Procter & Gamble)、利洁时(Reckitt Benckiser)、俄罗斯纳米技术集团(Rusnano)、沙特基础工业公司(SABIC)、三星(Samsung)、壳牌(Shell)、苏威(Solvay)、SSL、联合利华(Unilever)及世界能源(World Energy)。合作成果包括达成研究合作计划、签署重大的贸易和投资协议以及在剑桥建立新的企业研究中心。


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