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The Cambridge cluster attracts attention from all corners of the world and it regularly features in the national and international media.

Cluster: Cambridge in the media

The Cambridge cluster attracts attention from all corners of the world and it regularly features in the national and international media.

Cambridge is leading regional tech hub as UK draws record investment
The Guardian 20 December 2021
Research finds number of UK unicorns, or startups worth more than $1bn (£750m), grew to 116 in 2021

Cambridge’s pandemic-fuelled tech success has broader lessons
Financial Times (subscription) 23 August 2021
‘Silicon Fen’ profits from being a safe place to do risky things, but the UK needs to act to protect it...

The most promising deep tech startups of Cambridge in 2021
UKTN 10 May 2021
...Cambridge is positioned among one of the eight cities in the UK with a higher digital density than the average. The city is home to some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK such as Darktrace, GeoSpock and more...

Why Cambridge's Silicon Fen is fast becoming Europe's answer to California
The Telegraph (subscription) 30 April 2021
Beyond the hallowed quads and ancient spires of Cambridge University, some of the world's most nimble minds are working to create the UK's first trillion-dollar company.  Here, on the outskirts of the city, is the Cambridge Cluster - also known as Silicon Fen - home to more than 5,000 companies, employing 68,000 people.

Cambridge remains on track for economic recovery in 2021
Irwin Michell 26 April 2021
A new economic report published today has confirmed that Cambridge is expected to lead the nation’s post-Covid-19 recovery in 2021 with the fastest employment levels in the UK. The latest UK Powerhouse report from Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) reveals that Cambridge had a strong end to 2020 with a 2.9% increase in employment.

Corporate employment continues to grow despite the Covid-19 pandemic
Greater Cambridge Partnership 26 April 2021
New research into the early stages of the 2020 lockdown suggests that corporate employment in Greater Cambridge continued to grow at a “significant rate” despite the wide-reaching effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cambridge in the top five tech hubs for VC investment in the UK in 2020, says Tech Nation report
Tech Nation 16 March 2021
Cambridge attracted £217m in VC investment in 2020, according to the annual Tech Nation report which launches today. It joins Oxford, Bristol and Edinburgh at the top for tech investment outside London.  The report cites one new tech unicorn created in the East of England already in 2021 - Cambridge-based Kymab...

New data reveals Knowledge Intensive (KI) firms in Cambridge continue to outperform national figures
Cambridge Ahead  3 March 2021
Medium term data on the growth of the Cambridge economy, right up to the start of the 2020 Covid lockdown, shows persistently higher annual growth rates than the national economy, particularly amongst knowledge-intensive (KI) firms. This confirms Cambridge’s status as one of the largest concentrations of KI employment in Europe.

Demand for offices and laboratories are at an all-time high, being driven by knowledge-intensive industries
Bidwells  19 February 2021
Bidwells' latest Market Databook research reveals the second half of 2020 saw office and laboratory take up return to trend levels following a COVID-19 disrupted H1. Cambridge has been on the axis of the UK pandemic response sustaining business activity across the city. The market has seen take up continue across a range of business sectors, but dominated by knowledge intensive industries.

2020 coverage

Is Cambridge one of the UK’s foremost business ecosystems?
Business Leader 23 July 2020
Cambridge...its role as a mecca for the world’s educational elite, its relentless drive to innovate new technology, and its proximity to the capital have all made it an attractive proposition for businesses and entrepreneurs.

All roads can’t lead to London in our post-Covid economic recovery
Article in The Telegraph by Harriet Fear, 19 June 2020
Let's be at the forefront of the coming years of innovation by backing our regional R&D powerhouses...

Research paper explores ‘Knowledge Networks: London and the Ox-Cam Arc’
Cambridge Network, 10 June 2020
Bidwells and New London Architecture (NLA) research paper explores ‘Knowledge Networks: London and the Ox-Cam Arc'

Why tech ‘unicorns’ are flocking to the East of England
Eastern Daily Press, 30 March 2020
The East of England’s growing position as the UK’s regional hot-spot for artificial intelligence and ‘deep tech’ has been backed up by a new report.

Cambridge sees a 35% increase in VC investment in 2019
Cambridge Network, 17 March 2020
The annual Tech Nation Report today reveals key stats on the UK’s booming tech industry.

  • Cambridge is one of the fastest growing European tech cities, with an increase of 33% in VC investment into digital tech companies from £380mn in 2018 to £500mn in 2019
  • Cambridge is one of the leading cities in Europe when it comes to robotics investment and development with £411m in total funding in 2019
  • The median digital tech salary in Cambridge is £39,000 in 2019

East of England set to be one of the fastest growing regions over the next three years, says latest EY report
Cambridge Network, 25 February 2020
According to EY’s Regional Economic Forecast, encouragingly for the East of England, the region is predicted, along with London and the South East, to become one of the fastest growing for Gross Value Added (‘GVA’) in the country, between 2020-2023, with a figure of 1.8%. Cambridge has also been revealed as one of the stand-out locations with projected GVA growth of 2% (2020-2023), confirming the role of strong high-end services growth in driving differential city performance.

Oxbridge entrances
The Times, 9 February 2020 (subscription)
Oxford and Cambridge remain the gold standards for generating ideas that go on to become world-beating companies...

Can Cambridge become the UK’s answer to Silicon Valley?
Wealth Manager, 6 February 2020
Dubbed the Silicon Fen, Cambridge has established a burgeoning reputation as a growing powerhouse of hi-tech over the past decade, with a raft of tech and life science start-ups emerging from the internationally renowned research facilities at its prestigious university.

New economic report highlights strong year for Cambridge
Cambridge Network, 20 January 2020
Cambridge’s economy is expected to have a strong 2020 with a new business study published today by Irwin Mitchell, predicting that employment growth in the city will be the second fastest in the UK by the end of the year. According to the law firm’s latest UK Powerhouse study, Cambridge is expected to see a year-on-year increase in job creation of 2.1% taking total headcount to 140,400.

UK tech sector beats US and China to lead global growth in 2019
Cambridge Network, 15 January 2020
The UK produced eight new unicorns in 2019 – including Cambridge-based CMR Surgical – with annual investment leaping by 44%.  According to new research prepared for the Digital Economy Council by Tech Nation and, Cambridge is one of the 12 top destinations in the world for venture capital investment, beating cities like Oslo and Dublin.


Cambridge science parks attract record funding for ‘spinouts’
Financial Times (special report), 19 November 2019
...“The Cambridge cluster is the most successful innovation engine in Europe,” says Andy Neely, pro-vice-chancellor for enterprise and business relations at the University of Cambridge. “The Cambridge brand is about insatiable curiosity coupled with a desire to create world-changing impact.”

Cambridge’s economy continues to lead the way
Cambridge Network, 30 September 2019
Cambridge retained its leading position for fast economic growth after a new report said it came top for job creation in the second quarter of 2019. According to the UK Powerhouse report by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economic & Business Research (Cebr), Cambridge’s employment levels grew year on year growth by 2.2% in Q2 2019, with headcount rising to 136,400.

Cambridge ranks third most dynamic city in Europe
Cambridge Network, 25 September 2019
Cambridge ranks as Europe’s third most dynamic city, according to the Savills Investment Management (Savills IM) Dynamic Cities index. It also ranks first for Inclusion, second for Inspiration and Innovation as well as fifth for Infrastructure.

Cambridge shines brightly in Tech Nation report
Cambridge Network, 24 September 2019
Cambridge is on course for another bumper year of tech investment, having seen $487m of venture capital invested in digital tech companies in 2018, according to a new report from Tech Nation.

The Best Places to start a new business in the past decade: Cambridge takes eighth spot
Cambridge Network, 18 September 2019
Cambridge has been named the eighth best place in the UK to set up a small business during the 2010s, according to a new study released by Informi.

Research: Cambridge rents rising five times faster than any UK location
Cambridge Network, 15 August 2019
The stratospheric success of the Oxford-Cambridge Arc knowledge economy has driven up prime office rents in the region by 11.9 per cent in a year – compared to 2.2 per cent average growth in the UK outside London.

10 Cambridge-based startups to look out for in 2019 and beyond
EU Start-ups, 15 August 2019
The University of Cambridge has developed a reputation for spinning out high-tech startups, and thanks to its world-class science research and innovation programmes, the city is emerging as one of the top hubs for tech companies in the UK, and even Europe...

Secrets of Britain's most dynamic high street
The Telegraph, 23 July 2019
Earlier this year, Cambridge topped a 'vitality index' scoring centres on their retail health...

Cambridge’s potential revealed in UK’s Most Sustainable Cities report - economy expected to perform strongly at start of 2021
Cambridge Network, 22 July 2019
A new economic report published today has revealed the huge potential for Cambridge to be one of the most environmentally sustainable cities in the UK. According to UK Powerhouse, a report by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economic & Business Research (Cebr), Cambridge will be in the top three for economic growth (GVA*) during Q1 2021...

How to tend an economic bonfire
University of Cambridge, 1 March 2019
Business, enterprise and employment are flourishing in Greater Cambridge. But housing and infrastructure are struggling to match the jobs boom, and gaps in social equality keep widening. University academics are connecting their insights, data and algorithms to find solutions to the area’s “growing pains”.

Cambridge in Top 10 Emerging Tech Cities in the UK
Cambridge Network, 13 February 2019
The speed at which Cambridge has grown is impressive. It ranks in the top 10 ahead of major city, Birmingham, according to the recent city index by TNT.

Cambridge to increase employment levels during year of Brexit uncertainty, says new study
Cambridge Network, 11 February 2019
The UK Powerhouse study by law firm Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) predicts what the impact of Brexit will be on the economy.


Can Cambridge become the world's leading biotech cluster?
Management Today, 11 December 2018
The fenland city has big plans for its £4.2bn life sciences hub, but without support it will struggle to match the scale of world-leader Boston.

Cambridge tops post-Brexit economic league table, says new report
Irwin Mitchell, 12 November 2018
Cambridge is expected to have the fastest-growing city economy in the UK in the three months following the scheduled date for leaving the EU, according to the latest UK Powerhouse report by law firm Irwin Mitchell.

10 cool start-ups from Cambridge to watch, 26 October 2018
The university city of Cambridge is home to compelling start-ups at the bleeding edge in areas such as big data, life sciences and AI...

New report looks at skills shortages in the Cambridge region's labour pool
RAND Europe, 24 October 2018
The Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough (GCGP) region is a highly prosperous area, with prodigious job growth...

Cambridge is one of the top three ‘best UK towns & cities to work in’
Glassdoor, 24 October 2018
Cambridge comes third in a new ranking of the '25 Best UK Towns & Cities to Work In' for 2018...

Cambridge: A city state of mind?
Savills, 2 October 2018
Cambridge has been one of the success stories of the past decade, but there are signs emerging that it needs to adopt new strategies to remain in a position of strength,says new research from Savills.

Cambridge is one of UK’s top cities to work in 2018
Bidwells, 26 July 2018
...New research reveals that Oxford, Cambridge, and Milton Keynes are on track to becoming the UK’s most innovative and entrepreneurial cities, according to Bidwells.

Cambridge among UK's best cities for starting your career outside London
Market Inspector, 25 July 2018
Cambridge has traditionally been a student city where famous thinkers from different fields have studied. The university and student life tradition has shaped the city and all it has to offer, transforming it into the third best city for graduates today....

Silicon Valley’s Giants Take Their Talent Hunt to Cambridge
The New York Times, 3 July 2018
A boom in artificial intelligence research has drawn the tech industry’s biggest companies and their checkbooks to the storied English city.

Cambridge hits the Smart Cities big time
Transport Network, 2 July 2018
Cambridge made it into the top 10 of Huwaei’s UK Smart Cities index for the first time last year, showing the rapid progress of the pioneering Smart Cambridge programme.

Oxford and Cambridge’s consumer sectors boosted by employment performance
Cambridge Network, 18 June 2018
The famous university towns of Cambridge and Oxford boast two of the best-performing consumer sectors in the UK, according to new research, the Consumer Powerhouse report produced by national law firm Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr),  It also predicted a bright future for the cities in the coming months.

New data reveals year-on-year growth of Cambridge-based companies remains strong
Cambridge Network, 29 May 2018
The most recent data from Cambridge University’s Centre for Business Research shows the year-on-year growth of the more than 24,000 Cambridge-based companies – for the period up to April 2017 – showed global turnover growth of 14.4% and global employment growth of 9.2%.

UK tech expands at faster rate than wider economy
Cambridge Network, 17 May 2018
The UK’s digital tech sector continues to accelerate faster than the rest of the economy, according to Tech Nation 2018, the landmark state of the nation report on the booming tech sector...

Cambridge continues to lead the way as the UK’s fastest growing economy
Irwin Michell UK Powerhouse report, 16 April 2018
Cambridge experienced the fastest economic growth of any city in the UK at the end of last year, according to the UK Powerhouse study produced by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

East is one of the best places to work in the UK
Cambridge Network, 12 April 2018
A new ranking places the East of England as the second most rewarding region to work in the UK, coming in close behind the South East. Market Inspector analysed the main regions in the United Kingdom and put together an interactive map to help illustrate which are the most rewarding to work in and why.

Cambridge remains top of the league for growth prospects
Lambert Smith Hampton UK Vitality Index 2018, January 2018
For a third successive year, the world renowned university city of Cambridge is the top-ranked UK location for economic prospects over the next 12 months.

Cambridge ‘has fastest growing economy in the UK’
Irwin Mitchell, 12 January 2018
Cambridge had the fastest-growing city economy in the UK across the third quarter of 2017, according to the UK Powerhouse study produced by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr). It also revealed that both Cambridge and Oxford are expected to thrive in the next 12 months...

20 great things Cambridge has given the world
Cambridge News, 15 March 2018
From Charles Darwin to inventing the rules of football, our city has given the world some greats...


Decoding the Cambridge Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Blog by Professor Andy Neely, 22 October 2017
"... there is a logic and coherence to the enterprise ecosystem in Cambridge that is easy to explain and understand. What makes the enterprise ecosystem work is that this structure exists, yet constantly evolves," writes Andy Neely, Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Enterprise and Business Relations and former Head of the Institute for Manufacturing at Cambridge University.

The alt city guide to Cambridge
The Guardian, 10 October 2017
Cambridge’s food, drink, music and arts scenes are thriving, with an underground ethic energised more by town than gown...

DNA start-ups attract cash from venture funds
Financial Times, 25 September 2017
An English stately home surrounded by a wetlands nature reserve in rural Cambridgeshire is an unlikely setting for cutting-edge advances in genomics. Yet scientists at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, built around 18th-century Hinxton Hall, are responsible for some of the biggest genetic discoveries of the past century...

Cambridge Takes Top Spot In City Economic Growth League Table
Irwin Mitchell, 17 July 2017
Cambridge has overtaken Milton Keynes to become the fastest growing city economy in the UK, according to the latest study by law firm Irwin Mitchell. The UK Powerhouse report, which is produced with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), provides a quarterly estimate of GVA* and job creation within 45 UK cities 12 months ahead of the Government’s official figures.

The Shiniest Golden Vertice? 15 Great Biotechs in Cambridge
Labiotech, 30th January 2017
Cambridge’s image is tied to its Hogwarts-like University and Nobel-hoarding academia, but there’s also an exciting entrepreneurial scene at the cutting edge of technology. We took a look at how big biotech is in the Silicon Fen.

Latest data from Cambridge Ahead shows unabated growth of Cambridge companies
Cambridge Network, 24 January 2017
New data shows that the remarkable growth of Cambridge companies that was revealed for 2014-15 continued in 2015-16.

Cambridge tops league for UK economic growth prospects
Lambert Smith Hampton, 10 January 2017
Cambridge is harnessing its global reputation as a hub of scientific excellence and continues to attract significant inward investment – giving it the best prospects for economic growth of any UK city outside London - according to Lambert Smith Hampton's (LSH) UK Vitality Index 2017.


Over £500m investment made in life-science companies located at the Babraham Research Campus
Cambridge Network, 30 November 2016
The recent announcement from Kymab on the closing of $100M investment series ‘C’ funding brings the total amount of investment raised by companies located on the Babraham Research Campus over the past two years, to be in excess of £0.5 Billion.

Cambridge ‘most vibrant’ and entrepreneurial place to live in England, 16th November 2016
Cambridge, Oxford and Richmond upon Thames are the “most vibrant” places to live in England because they strike a good balance between economic growth, social equality and sustainability, a new index from Grant Thornton UK LLP suggests today.

Land of the Pi People: England’s Bold Attempt to Revive Its Tech Industry
Bloomberg Business Week, 28th September 2016
Once a computing pioneer, England has struggled to remain relevant in tech. Now, thanks to a handful of booming products, a revival appears to be on the way.

Celebrate Cambridge: high time for life sciences
Cambridge News  28th September 2016
Not so very long ago “tech" in Cambridge automatically equated with “high", but biotech or life sciences steal the limelight these days.

Cambridge’s Tech Hub Generates Successes and Growing Pains
The Wall Street Journal 6th August 2016 (subscription)
After a long push inspired by Silicon Valley, this centuries-old college town has taken on a new role as a modern, tech-industry hub.

Spotlight on … tech in the East of England 3rd August 2016
...In recent years, East Anglia has carved itself a niche as a successful tech hotspot in close proximity to London. Those who live and work in the region are all too aware of its credentials as the perfect environment for tech to flourish.

Oxford and Cambridge urged to collaborate in the discovery of new medicines
Cambridge Network 22nd July 2016
When it comes to discovering new medicines for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia, the Oxford and Cambridge clusters should collaborate rather than compete - that’s the message emerging from a major study just published by Bidwells into the biomedical industries centred around the two cities.

Cambridge seeks staying power to compete with Silicon Valley 19th July 2016 (subscription)
When Cambridge’s life science and technology luminaries gathered for an event at Trinity Hall college on Monday evening, guests only wanted to talk about two things: Brexit and Arm Holdings.

Japanese agree $31bn ARM acquisition
Business Weekly, 18th July 2016
Cambridge’s greatest ever technology business – chip architect ARM Holdings – is reportedly being sold to the Japanese for $31 billion (£23.4bn) – the largest deal in the UK cluster’s history by some distance and the biggest in European technology annals.

Growth Commission sets out economic vision for the region
London-Stansted-Cambridge Corridor 14th July 2016
Establishing Europe’s leading high-tech region in Eastern England would create at least 10 new ‘unicorns’, new firms reaching valuations above US $1 billion, and generate nearly 1m additional jobs, according to a Growth Commission report.

Study says Cambridge is the best place to work in the UK
Cambridge Network, 14th July 2016
People here already know it, but now Cambridge has been confirmed as the top place to work in the country, according to a new study carried out by employment site Glassdoor.

Location, location: the secret Cambridge success story
Cambridge Network, 1st June 2016
The influence of Cambridge as a powerhouse for innovation has been underestimated, according to the new book The Cambridge Phenomenon: Global Impact.

East of England attracts 40% more foreign direct investment
Cambridge Network,  24th May 2016
According to the EY 2015 UK Attractiveness Survey, the East of England recorded 21 foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in 2015, which is an increase of 40% on 2014 when the region attracted 15 projects. This represents the strongest performance seen in the region since 2008.

‘Cranebridge’ – innovation raises city to new heights
Cambridge Network, 17th May 2016
Cambridge is towering ahead in the development stakes, with 50 cranes spread across the city. An active development review undertaken by property consultants Bidwells highlights the staggering growth currently shaping the city.

Creation of the Cambridge phenomenon
The Australian, 25th April 2016
Fifty years ago Cambridge was a sleepy city with a world-class university. Today it is a hub of business innovation, with thousands of knowledge-based companies ...

Cambridge cluster seeks next generation of finance
Global Capital, 23rd March 2016
The gaggle of technology firms around Cambridge is leading the UK's fintech efforts - and could transform the way that its much bigger brother, the City of London, operates...

Cambridge is one of the UK's most supportive places for High Growth Small Businesses
Cambridge Network, 14th March 2016
The Octopus High Growth Small Business Urban Hub League Table identifies Cambridge as the tenth most High Growth Small Business (HGSB) friendly city in the UK – beating old rival Oxford which ranks 16th.

Let Cambridge guide the way towards an Eastern Powerhouse
CAPX,  4th March 2016 figures show that the Cambridge Phenomenon gets more phenomenal by the day.

Where's the best place to start a business?
The Guardian,  29th February 2016
When it comes to startup survival rates, Cambridge is the best town or city in the UK with 49.4% of businesses still going after five years...

Cambridge plays a key role in the UK's digital economy, says new report
Cambridge Network, 11th February 2016
"Cambridge has produced 15 digital tech companies worth over a billion dollars. It is the third most densely populated cluster of digital tech businesses in the UK, and a top ten cluster for digital employment and productivity."

Older coverage

The Centre for Cities Small Business Outlook 2015: a short film focusing on Cambridge can be seen on YouTube below. 
29th September 2015

Getting to Cambridge: The political philosophy of Britain’s most successful city
 The Economist 22nd August 2015
...What began with the creation of business parks to host enterprising dons and their doctoral students in the 1970s has grown into the most exciting technology cluster in Europe.

Watch a video of the Cambridge Innovation Leaders Conference 2015

Silicon Fen: how modern Cambridge became a tech phenomenon
CAPX 28th July 2015
Cambridge is growing faster than China, the city’s workers enjoy average earnings of £40,000-a-year, far higher than elsewhere in the country, and unemployment is one of the lowest...

Oxford v Cambridge: Trailing in its wake
The Economist, 17th January 2015
“Cambridge is at least 20 years ahead of Oxford,” admits Bob Price, the leader of Oxford City Council.

Old material

Why Cambridge is at the heart of Britain's economic recovery: "New investment and a unique relationship between business and academia is transforming the Silicon Fen," says Margareta Pagano in The Independent - 17th February 2014.

How can anyone say there is "a little less tech luster in Cambridge" right now? "I could not be more excited about the prospects for Cambridge's tech scene... what Cambridge lacks in style it more than makes up for in substance," says Charlie Fletcher of Taylor Vinters LLP in Charlie's Venture Blog   -  2nd February 2014.

Is Cambridge the template for the UK economy?
BBC News, 10th July 2014
...Cambridge... made a great success of merging academic research with entrepreneurship, creating some of the UK's brightest and best new companies.

Cambridge Technopole Report (2013)

Clare Balding's Cambridge: "I lived there for three years when I was at university (at Newnham College). The city’s got it all, but at the same time isn’t too big, plus it has such a lovely feel to it," says the broadcaster Clare Balding in The Telegraph - 2nd November 2012

Hi-tech cluster keeps business booming in Cambridge: 'Supportive culture, talent pool and internationally respected brand helps Silicon Fen thrive despite recession,' says Lizzy Davies in The Guardian - 30th May 2012


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