Delta-T Devices Ltd

Delta-T Devices Ltd

Delta-T Devices is one of the leading global suppliers of sensors and instruments for environmental and plant science.

Address: 130 Low Road, Burwell
Postcode: CB25 0EJ
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 21-50 (£500+VAT pa)
Our products are in use all over the world, delivering the accurate and dependable information about soil moisture, growth and meteorological conditions that scientists and growers need for their research and control decisions. For many customers we are their natural first-choice supplier and they stay loyal to us year after year. We have a reputation for long term, friendly and knowledgeable support, and customers value our “it does what it says on the tin” approach to sensor performance.
The urgent need to understand climate change and make the most of over-extended water resources have resulted in a surge of interest in the areas of research that depend on our instruments. Delta-T supports an active network of ~ 50 distributors worldwide that sell our equipment into these markets, and together we’ve been experiencing significant sales growth recently. We’ve always strived to be a “green” company, and we’re very proud that our sensors our playing an increasingly significant role in the most important environmental issues of our times.
Our instruments range from relatively simple sensors for measuring soil moisture, to sophisticated multi-channel data loggers and systems. One of our sensors in particular, the ThetaProbe, has achieved widespread recognition throughout the research community for its combination of accuracy and build quality at an affordable price and has an enviable reputation as the gold standard among soil moisture sensors.
Delta-T was established in 1970 and has expanded into a very attractive range of converted barns in a quiet corner of Burwell, a large village 12 miles north east of Cambridge. Our turnover is now about £ 2.5 million, of which ~ 75% is exported worldwide. We design, sell and manufacture directly from this site, though an increasingly large proportion of production is sub-contracted to local specialist manufacturers.
The business is a co-operative and is owned and managed by its members - there are currently 28 members, all based at the Burwell premises. The business is managed by an experienced management team comprising an elected Management Committee and the four department managers. Issues about company policy, investments and future directions are brought to General Meetings so that all members can be involved together in making these important decisions. There are no outside shareholders or controlling interests.

Delta-T is a unique business with exceptional core technology skills and the ambition to thrive by combining business efficiency with a strong belief in what our customers are trying to achieve, while promoting our green, ethical and co-operative values.

Delta-T Products

Delta-T Products

Delta-T Devices manufactures and supplies instruments and sensors for soil moisture measurement, data logging and environmental science

Chinese astronauts using the WET Sensor on Tiangong-2 Space Lab

Chinese astronauts use Delta-T Devices' WET Sensor to help grow lettuce in space

Delta-T Devices has revealed that its multi-parameter WET Sensor has been used by Chinese astronauts aboard the Tiangong-2 Space Lab.

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Delta-T Devices partners with Netafim UK

Delta-T Devices partners with irrigation specialists Netafim UK Ltd

Delta-T Devices Ltd has partnered with Netafim UK Ltd to provide a complete precision irrigation package (with cloud data management) for commercial growers in the UK.

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Workers' cooperative to address Entrepreneurs on the Move

Workers' cooperative to address Entrepreneurs on the Move

Chris Nicholl of Delta-T (local instrumentation company managed by a staff cooperative) will address connectedcambridge's 'Entrepreneurs on the Move' networking event on Wednesday March 31st.

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