Delta-T Products

Delta-T Products
Delta-T Devices manufactures and supplies instruments and sensors for soil moisture measurement, data logging and environmental science

Soil Moisture Sensors and Accessories
*    ThetaProbe ML2x High performance soil moisture sensor – true ±1% accuracy
*    SM200 Research grade soil moisture sensor at a very affordable price
*    Profile Probe PR2 Easy and accurate soil moisture profiles
*    WET Sensor Soil moisture and nutrient monitoring within the root zone
*    Tensiometers Excellent accuracy in wet and irrigated soils - easy refill model available
*    EQ2 Maintenance-free, wide range dielectric tensiometer -50 to -500 kPa
*    Moisture Meter HH2 Readout and data storage unit for soil moisture sensors
Data Loggers and Weather Stations
*    GP1 High accuracy 7 channel data logger
*    DL6 Dedicated soil moisture logger
*    DL2e High specification research logger
Weather stations:
*    WS-GP1 Compact all-in-one weather station
*    WS-STD1 and WS-HP1 Wide choice of sensors and accessories - easy to expand
Environmental Sciences
Canopy Analysis and Solar Radiation
*    SS1 Measures incident and transmitted PAR in canopies
*    HV1 Hemispherical image analysis system with digital camera and fisheye lens
*    BF3 Measures global and diffuse radiation, and sunshine duration
*    SPN1 patented, meteorological class instrument for measuring global and diffuse radiation and sunshine duration
Water Relations
*    AP4 Direct readout of leaf conductance or resistance
Leaf and Root Analysis
*    WinDIAS Rapid, true colour image analysis
Delta-T Scan  Fast, accurate root measurement
Delta-T Devices Ltd

Delta-T Devices is one of the leading global suppliers of sensors and instruments for environmental and plant science.

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