KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex.

Address: St John's Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

About KISS Communications

KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex. We work with the organisations that are changing the world, putting customer experience at the heart of our strategy, creativity and activation.

At KISS we keep it successfully simple. Our proven ability to cut through the complexity and deliver stand out results has enabled us to build our reputation and win a fantastic family of clients in Science, Technology, Education and affiliated sectors.

Our expert team of specialists in strategy, branding, advertising, digital and public relations work side-by-side to create and deliver distinctive ideas that surprise our clients, worry the competition and add value to their business.

KISS is a member of the PROI, the world’s largest partnership of independent agencies, giving us access to leading agencies in 100 cities across five continents and enabling us to deliver international campaigns driven by local expertise and knowledge.

KISS: Keep It Successfully Simple.

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KISS Digital

Every business needs online.

KISS Advertising

Don't hit your target with a blunt instrument.

KISS Public Relations

KISS Public Relations is an agency built on the principle of keeping things simple.

KISS Social Media

KISS Social Media

We approach social media in the same way that we work with our clients, with a dedication to delivering insightful communications solutions, helping our clients to capitalise on their commercial opportunities. Our strategy planner will ensure that any social media engagement is integrated into the rest of your marketing.

KISS Exhibitions

We enable you to capitalise on your investment by creating a show-stopper that dramatises your proposition. And fits with all your other promotional activity.

Proof we’ve done our job is a stand you can’t get anywhere near.

KISS Future

When your vision is clear so is your future.

KISS Design

The best solutions are often the simplest ones.

Illustration of a press release in KISS brand colours

Can the humble press release keep up with the digital world?

KISS Account Director Jane Kroese considers whether the press release is dead in the face of more targeted digital marketing tools...

11 October 2018Read in full

A woman standing in front of Next Health conference logos

KISS sponsors major Cambridge healthcare conference

KISS is sponsoring a Cambridge-based international health conference hosted by the Innovation Forum and the Milner Therapeutics Institute.

11 October 2018Read in full

Picture of a someone sunbathing on a beach

Holiday? What holiday? Refocusing on work after a spell in the sun

Getting back into 'work mode' after a holiday can be tough. Why not invest in a workshop to help your team refocus?

8 October 2018Read in full

Colin Kaepernick image

How will Nike’s Kaepernick ad impact brand perception?

Anthea Hughes, KISS's Head of Account Services, considers what the long-term implications of the controversial Colin Kaepernick ad might be for the Nike brand

8 October 2018Read in full

Simon Fryer

11 things I’ve learnt in 11 years of running an agency

KISS CEO Simon Fryer shares some of the secrets of KISS Communications' success.

8 October 2018Read in full

 3D printing: a world of possibilities

3D printing: a world of possibilities

KISS web developer Liam Taylor talks about his fascination with 3D printing – and how easy it is for anyone to try at home technology...

31 August 2018Read in full

KISS mood board

Mood boards: a picture tells 1,000 words

Pictures work in advertising and communication. Humans respond emotionally to images. From the earliest cave drawings to political cartoons to today’s memes, it’s clear images communicate in a different way to words.

29 August 2018Read in full

style guide graphic

Style guides: if content is king, consistency must be queen

Any company that generates a lot of content would benefit from having a style guide. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a style guide, they are documents that publishers use to ensure consistency throughout a publication. Helpfully, the Guardian has its online.

21 August 2018Read in full

micro targeting graphic

Micro-targeting: the good, the bad and the unethical

Micro-targeting can be a legitimate next-generation marketing tool or a deeply unethical practice, depending on who’s using it.

17 August 2018Read in full

Photograph by: CC BY-SA 3.0

All in the mind: using psychology in sport and business

Two months on and there's still a lot we can learn from England's #WorldCup campaign. KISS CEO Simon Fryer discusses how a psychological approach to reaching your goal can help pave the way for success.

15 August 2018Read in full

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