CRAC (the Careers Research & Advisory Centre) is a specialist provider of innovation and expertise in career development. We also lead and manage Vitae, the UK's national programme for career and skill development for researchers.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 460 277
Address: 22 Signet Court, Swanns Road, Cambridge
Postcode: CB5 8LA
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Charity <100 staff (£50+VAT pa)

CRAC (the Careers Research & Advisory Centre is an educational charity based in Cambridge, which provides research, expertise and innovation to all those who support the career development of individuals of all ages and in all sectors. It manages Vitae which is a programme leading the professional development of researchers.

CRAC (the Careers Research & Advisory Centre) was established in 1964 as a registered charity with the remit to support the career-related learning of people of all ages. That mission is currently interpreted as the provision of research, expertise and innovation for all those who support career development, across all age ranges. We passionately believe that individuals have the ability to achieve their career goals if they are equipped with the skills and information to do so.

Our strategic aims are:

  • to support those who help people make career decisions with up to date knowledge of career pathway options and resultant decision making
  • to support employers in their understanding of national education and skills policies and their development of career-related learning programmes
  • to support career development for specific sectors, industries, age or educational groups.   

We achieve our aims by working in partnership with schools, colleges, universities, government agencies and other key national organisations, ensuring that the work we do impacts on as many individuals as possible, to achieve CRAC's vision of a world where people make career decisions wisely and develop their capabilities throughout their working lives.

Our work involves:

  • creating innovative career development resources and programmes for those in formal education, teachers, careers practitioners, graduates in employment and experienced managers
  • devising and conducting relevant research, and effectively disseminating findings
  • delivering training programmes on behalf of our clients ranging from one day events to week long residential activities
  • producing practical and thought-provoking conferences
  • writing, publishing and disseminating reports, training resources and publications.

CRAC is the UK's leading expert in the field of career development for postgraduate researchers and manages Vitae.

 Vitae led the high impact UK capacity building programme funded by the UK research councils and funders (2008-15), pioneering world leading resources and expertise to build excellence in the UK research base through researcher development.

Vitae now provides membership and consultancy to over 200 organisations around the world to build their capacity in the global professional development of researchers.

To find out more about our recent and current work, please visit our websites.

Do you have any employees who used to be university researchers?

Do you have any employees who used to be university researchers?

Vitae and Naturejobs have launched ‘What do research staff do next?’ – a survey which tries to find out what academic staff (postdocs, assistant professors etc) do when they leave university positions.

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Careers charity CRAC celebrates 50 years with Cambridge event

To mark significant developments over the past 50 years, CRAC, in partnership with NICEC (the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, which was for many years a research and development organisation supported by CRAC), will be running events over two days in Cambridge next month.

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Attracting and retaining researchers: survey of employer practice

Attracting and retaining researchers: survey of employer practice

Vitae, a national non-profit organisation, is running a survey in collaboration with Sheffield University to gather employers’ perceptions of PhD researchers, whether or not they target them in recruitment practices.

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