Warley Design Solutions Ltd.

Warley Design Solutions Ltd.

Experienced product development professionals who provide innovative mechanical design solutions for electronic products in industry sectors where reliability and performance needs to be assured.

Address: Unit D1 Great Ropers Business Centre, Great Ropers Lane, Great Warley
Postcode: CM13 3JW
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.warleydesign.co.uk
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Warley Design Solutions Ltd is a company of highly experienced product development professionals who provide innovative mechanical design solutions for electronic products.  We have a background in industry sectors where reliability and performance needs to be assured; such as datacomms, Telecomms, computing & information security.

We can fully support your product development needs.  We can work directly with an electrical hardware team and provide holistic product development services or can provide “à la carte” design services such as perform thermal assessments, generate Cost Reduction business cases or simply to add bandwidth to existing mechanical design resources.

Our ethos was established over many years of working in global product companies where quality and reliability were paramount.  We have additionally worked in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies and have benefited from a hard focus on Cost Reduction and design optimisation for manufacture.  Our experiences of working on both sides of the wall over which design is traditionally thrown give us a perspective that we exploit to deliver quality designs that are optimised for cost at a given manufacturing volume.

Our product design services offering includes mechanical architecture, detail mechanical design & documentation, thermal management, product safety, EMC engineering, prototype build-and-test to customer specified & regulatory requirements.  We will provide you with the concurrent engineering experience you require to realise your product and reliably deliver it to your market

We believe we can uniquely bring to you the competencies and quality of output expected from working with large, multi-national companies but with flexibility, agility and the customer-centric focus of a smaller company who is both geographically and culturally closer.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

We will bring you the greatest benefit through using our multi-disciplinary design capability at the concept design stage to perform the trade-offs necessary to achieve balance between conflicting requirements (e.g. Thermal Management, product safety requirements and EMC Containment).

Product Cost Reduction

Product Cost Reduction

Having evaluated a benchmark design using best-in-class tools, we redesign and then re-evaluate. We present the benefits in the form of a fully costed business case where a return on investment (ROI) is clearly stated.

Compliance Engineering

Compliance Engineering

Compliance Engineering is the term we give to ensuring that the design will meet the stated customer and regulatory requirements before testing. Failure of regulatory testing would necessitate a costly design re-spin & hardware rebuild that may result in loss of competitive advantage or at worst the market opportunity being missed entirely.

Thermal Management

Thermal Management

We offer a complete thermal management service: from Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation, model validation & improvement of existing systems to thermal management architecture, detail design / implementation and verification testing for new designs.

Prototype build & test

Prototype build & test

Using our established connections with prototyping facilities we can utilize rapid and traditional (e.g. metalworking) prototyping techniques to generate prototypes for fit, form and functional testing to validate the concept.

Engineers at work

Outsourcing design can make great business sense

Warley Design Solutions gives the reasons for outsourcing your design and engineering to specialists - and dispels the perceptions against.

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The fall and rise of apprenticeships

For the past 30 or so years there has been a preoccupation with sending young people to university in the belief that this was the way of giving them the best start in the competition for jobs. However, it is becoming clear that this is not in step with the needs of all employers. Make way for the return of the apprenticeship, says Warley Design Solutions.

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Graph of engineers by gender

Why are there so few women in engineering?

Data shows that with only 6% of the engineering workforce being female, a career in engineering continues to be unattractive to women. Worryingly, the predicted short-fall in the number of professional engineers suggests that it is in fact unattractive to everyone regardless of gender. Why is this and what can we do about it?

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What is the point of a prototype anyway?

What is the point of a prototype anyway?

Its too easy to fall into the trap of building a prototype, only to find that the finished article does not fully fulfil its purpose due to material or process limitations.

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A bit of CAE snootiness?

A bit of CAE snootiness?

Some people regard Computer Aided Analysis (CAE) tools that are integrated with Computer Aided Design (CAD) as being inferior to the more traditional (and expensive) standalone software. Warley Design Solutions uses both types of tools and shares its perspective.

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Things I wish I knew about marketing when we started: six marketing tips for start-ups

Reflecting back on the last six years of building a business from start-up, John Durban shares his top tips that have been learnt "the hard way" in the field of marketing Warley Design Solution's engineering / design services.

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Subsea Optical Repeater

Warley Design helps develop next-generation optical repeater for subsea cable systems

Warley Design Solutions has helped a leading global supplier of optical networking solutions to develop an industry-leading next-generation optical repeater for subsea cable systems.

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Iceotope's liquid cooling system for datacentres

Engineering design expertise helps reduce datacentre cooling costs by up to 97%

Warley Design Solutions has played a leading role in the design and development of Iceotope’s liquid cooling system for datacentres, which has been named ‘Start-up Product of the Year’ at the 2012 Techworld Awards. The system provides unprecedented levels of cooling capacity for a given volume while reducing running costs by up to 97%.

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