Peek Creative Ltd

Peek Creative Ltd

Peek is a recommended branding agency that helps businesses succeed through insight and imagination. Our clients range from global PLCs to local start-ups and we love working with them all including: ARM, Cyrus Audio, Telespazio Vega, Insignis Asset Management, AXA and Petface.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 900 121
Address: The Officers’ Mess Business Centre, Royston Road, Duxford
Postcode: CB22 4QH
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Peek is a branding agency that helps businesses succeed through insight and imagination. We can name brands, build websites, craft collateral, write words and develop apps for you.

The diversity of the problems with which clients approach us has created a wide knowledge of different business categories. Each new problem with which we are faced has aspects which can benefit from the experience gained on others. It is this very diversity which is our strength. We do not have preconceived solutions to your problems. We bring freshness and vitality to each challenge, with each solution being driven by your needs, not our services.

While creativity and design excellence are qualities on which we proudly place major emphasis and on which a large part of our reputation is based, we have developed an approach which involves analysis and objective decision making to aid creativity and design.

We believe in our role as consultants that contact with one of the partners is vital to ensure that our clients' obtain optimum benefit from our expertise and experience.

Why not pick up the phone and ask us how we can help you; 01223 900 121.
Or drop us an email with the challenges you face:

Website Design Cambridge

Website Design Cambridge

Peek offers website design services that include e-commerce, content management systems and multilingual search engine optimisation services to help businesses succeed on the web. We are Google Engage partners to help you get the best from advertising and SEO listings. Winners of Best Web Design Agency.

Graphic Design Cambridge

Graphic Design Cambridge

Peek offers graphic design services from their studios in Cambridge that helps your business succeed through insight and imagination. Brochures, flyers, posters, direct mail and annual reports.

BBC Lifeline - Tiny Tickers

Have a peek at the BBC Lifeline campaign for Tiny Tickers

It was very inspiring to see Tiny Tickers featured on this week's BBC One Lifeline appeal. Tiny Tickers is the only national charity that works to improve the early detection, diagnosis and care of babies with heart conditions.

24 May 2017Read in full

Peek's animation for Insignis Asset Management

Peek Creative delivers sophisticated animation for new Fintech firm

Peek Creative has developed a sophisticated new animation for two ex-Merril Lynch directors, who have unveiled a brand new Fintech solution to help clients manage their cash deposits.

20 July 2016Read in full

There's still time to pledge for the Cyrus soundKey at 30% off

Kickstarter success for the Cyrus soundKey

Launched on 1st July, with the aim of raising £50,000 to develop the Cyrus soundKey, the Kickstarter campaign has seen Cyrus Audio and new technology fans embrace the product with so much enthusiasm that the full amount was raised during the first few hours. The campaign will remain live until 30th July, giving ample opportunity for fans of high quality portable audio to secure their own Cyrus soundKey at 30% off the retail price by pledging just £69.

18 July 2016Read in full

The PAWA interface

Behind every digital TV listing is PAWA

PAWA, the new brand by Peek enjoyed a fabulous launch party at The Hospital Club in London with guests including broadcasters, channels and TV luminaries.

12 November 2015Read in full

Telespazi VEGA  provides mobile satellite comms for Rockall Solo

Attempt to set world record for longest solo occupation of Rockall starts this weekend!

Ex-marine Nick Hancock is starting his attempt - to land on Rockall and survive solo for 60 days, setting two new endurance records - on Tuesday (28th May). To keep in touch with his loved ones and twitter fans, Telespazio VEGA UK has supplied him with a mobile satellite communications kit.

24 May 2013Read in full

Top of the charts marketing book by Sarah-Jane White

Award-winning business woman's marketing tips book hits the top of the charts

Award-winning business woman Sarah-Jane White has hit the top of the charts with her book 49 Quick Ways to Market Your business for Free - An instant guide to marketing success. The book is currently no.3 in the Kindle charts and no.15 on iTunes.

8 January 2013Read in full

Watch the arctic ice melt with new app

New App lets you watch the arctic ice melt

When Telespazio Vega UK had an idea for a great new App, they called Peek Creative. The new North Pole Watch iPhone and Android App is the only App to push images of the North Pole from space to your phone every day so you can watch the arctic ice melt.

18 September 2012Read in full

New name and brand identity for Rumble Challenge events

Sneak a peek at the new name and brand for leading Team Challenge event organisers

When First Ascent Group, the organisers of the successful UK Team Challenge events, needed to brand their events for expansion they turned to the strategic communications agency, Peek Creative, to help them.

22 May 2012Read in full

Buy this great marketing book, with a tweet!

Have a peek at turning your tweets into currency

Leading creative agency Peek worked together with publishers Brightword to launch a new social media campaign to promote the book by Peek's director Sarah-Jane White, "49 Quick Ways to Market Your Business for Free"...

1 May 2012Read in full

How social media powers the Kony 2012 campaign

Peek Creative Ltd MD, Steve Creamer, was interviewed live across Europe on Friday about his thoughts on the recently launched Kony 2012 campaign created by Invisible Children Inc.

26 March 2012Read in full

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