Biocair is the global specialist courier with over 30 years of dedicated experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science sectors

Biocair provides dedicated, specialised logistics services – both the systems and the people – for the scientific sector and our services are the most comprehensive of its kind available on the market. Biocair’s global reach extends across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.The company has built up a unique, client-centric approach by employing scientists in front-line logistics positions and assembling a team of best-in-class industry experts in quality, cold chain and regulatory compliance amongst others. Biocair focuses on providing the most comprehensive service options available whilst delivering flexible, tailored, cost effective logistics solutions to all clients.

Products and services

Cell & Gene Therapy Logistics

The global specialist in cell and gene therapy logistics

The development of cell and gene therapy treatments is beginning to revolutionise how we think about possible treatment of diseases. The potential ability to cure deadly diseases with these treatments gives precious hope to many people and this is something that Biocair identifies with and is devoted to providing support for.

Cell and gene therapies are characterised as individual, critically important, fragile and of invaluable value. Biocair’s understanding of these characteristics and our experience in dealing with them makes us the market leader in cell and gene therapy logistics.

Cell and gene therapies each have unique logistical requirements often requiring a complex, interlinked series of shipments. With this complex, highly specialist nature, and the trusted client interactions and associated bespoke solutions required, it is important to have a specialist cell and gene therapy courier to handle your valuable shipments.

Biocair’s services in this area focus on the following items to ensure success:

  • Total transparency in supply chain design - provision of shipment paperwork, constant communication and flawless chain of custody provision
  • Flexibility in service provision unrivalled in the industry - each shipment is treated as bespoke and is handled by a dedicated team to implement the optimal solution, ensuring a risk free service delivery
  • Design, production, supply and validation of temperature controlled systems - cutting edge solutions for all temperature requirements, including cryogenically frozen (< -150.C)
  • Strategically positioned Biocair liquid nitrogen service stations to quickly respond to client needs - door to door service of liquid nitrogen dry shippers includes rental, charging, positioning and deware return.
  • Rapid turnaround and transit times - real time tracking and monitoring ensures that your valuable shipment is delivered on time with 24/7 collection and delivery, weekends and holidays
  • Consultancy with regulatory authorities to avoid import delays - individual experts dedicated to each project on call round the clock

The approach above has enabled Biocair to achieve the precise demands of cell and gene therapy logistics to huge acclaim of which we are very proud.

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Regulatory Compliance

Our Regulatory Compliance Team is employed in-house to ensure that our service offering is varied and comprehensive. The Pharma, Biotech and Life Science industries are heavily regulated. In order to move these materials around safely, legally and in a timely manner, our Customer Service team need to be up to date on global shipping regulations.  

Our Regulatory Compliance Team are continually researching regulations in new areas and ensuring our Customer Service team is trained to understand them.  

Biocair complete all paperwork  needed for your shipments, so you don’t have to.  Our extensive knowledge of global shipping regulations coupled with our long standing relationships with regulatory agencies, ensures that we can get your materials to their destination on time and in perfect condition. 

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Cool Chain Management

We offer personal, expert advice on how best to package and monitor your shipments to ensure they maintain their desired temperature range.

We employ specialists in key areas of our business, to ensure we are always one step ahead. When material needs to be shipped in a temperature-controlled environment, it is often packed with a monitor - which records temperature on its journey from A to B.

Our Cool Chain department is here to help our customers understand this information, by interpreting the report and explaining the results.

We are continually developing our packaging range to ensure that we offer market leading solutions to our customers.

Our range of packaging can accommodate anything from one vial to multiple pallet shipments, in a variety of different temperature environments.

This service is complemented by our highly-skilled drivers who are trained to handle your materials.

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Research & Development

Our solutions ensure your time critical and temperature sensitive shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Biocair offers tailored shipping solutions for all our customers. We treat every shipment individually and you will deal with a dedicated Biocair Representative whenever you call.

We have the experience to handle the entire shipping process with minimal effort to you.

We will take care of all of the documentation and labelling for you too, including identifying and classifying your samples. After one of our trained drivers has collected your material, you can track the progress of your shipment online with a unique reference number and when delivery is complete, you will receive a proof of delivery notification (POD) to include the recipients’ name.

Often development work carried out by research scientists takes place in challenging environments, such as:

- Locations where the infrastructure is lacking
- Situations where regulatory authorities are especially vigilant and exacting
- Where authorities are unfamiliar or do not fully understand the needs of our customers

Biocair is used to solving the complex problems presented to us on a regular basis. We have consistently broken new ground taking on difficult assignments and designing original solutions ensuring a successful outcome where others have failed. Our ability to pay attention to detail and bring together all the different parts of our expertise at the right time and in the right way is what makes us different.

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Clinical Trial Logistics

We can find the right logistics solutions for your clinical trial - from organising the logistics of the entire trial, to a single shipment.

Biocair provides specialist management of the Clinical Trial supply chain. Clinical Trials often involve numerous cross-border shipments and complex international regulatory requirements. This can be a time consuming exercise for clinical research specialists. Our experienced local staff can assist with this.

Biocair can be as involved as you need us to be; from study set-up, liaising with different collection and delivery sites to delivering single shipments within a large trial. We can complete all necessary paperwork; this includes air waybills, dangerous goods certificates and all labelling for transport.

For more information, or to talk your requirements through with an experienced customer service representative, contact your local office.

Don’t worry, all our representatives are highly trained and extremely skilled in what they do, so they will be able to help you with your query.

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