The NEW EUROPE Society intends to bring people together.

We organise corporate events; cultural events from concerts and recitals to exhibitions, talks, debates on literature, music, art, language, technology and science, building new bridges of understanding and dialogue for everybody interested.

We just started to provide business language lessons in German and Italian.

Products and services

Business Language Tuition
SCIENTIA VINCES - Through knowledge you win To survive in today's world, businesses need to export, to cross border and to be able to deal in foreign languages. WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU BUSINESS SUPPORT - LANGUAGE SERVICES & ASSISTANCE

From our facilities in Cambridge, we facilitate foreign language communication and provide a wide variety of services.


We provide for businesses in Cambridge, East Anglia and Londonin German, Italian, Romanian & French:

  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Face-to-face interpreting
  • Intercultural Consulting
  • Guided-tours of Cambridge or other towns for visiting foreigners in German, Italian or French.
  • Secretarial work: Contacts with companies, letters, invoicing
  • Advertising: Foreign language leaflets, presentation and printing

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We provide for individuals or groups in Cambridge, East Anglia and London:

  • Language lessons in GERMAN or ITALIAN for following levels/purposes:
  • Survival courses - for absolute beginners.
  • Conversational courses- ideal to maintain a good knowledge of the language.
  • Focused courses- learn the language for a specific event, task or speech.
  • Intensive courses - full immersion in the language to increase confidence.
  • Business courses - learning the necessary wording and approach.
  • Dedicated courses - learning the vocabulary for a selected activity/branch


We organise individual or group trips abroad:

  • Leisure trips to European destinations
  • Business trips abroad: to visit companies and to visit fairs


We organise business participation of UK companies at fairs in Europe and assure language support .


Make your company, products & logo known through a special event.

We organise cultural and corporate events in locations abroad in Europe and assure art & music performers.

For additional information about availability and pricing please contact directly by e-mail

adrian@cambridge-businessRT  - LANGUAGE SERVICES & ASSISTANCE or see 

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