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Cambridge Broadband Networks Limited (CBNL) is the market leader in multipoint microwave. Its innovative wireless backhaul solutions are utilised by telecommunication network providers across the globe, meeting the need to improve network capacity and efficiency under the increasing strains of mobile data growth.

Since its inception in 2000, CBNL continues to grow rapidly in an expanding market where traditional mobile networks are straining under the huge demands of mobile data traffic growth.

As a result the company has pioneered the development and global deployment of next generation microwave transmission equipment through its innovative wireless backhaul product – VectaStar.

VectaStar’s multipoint microwave platform offers network operators an efficient, quick to deploy and cost-effective solution to transforming their networks, increasing capacity and efficiency.

Along with providing a solution for today’s demands, VectaStar provides network operators with a sustainable and scalable solution designed to manage future mobile data growth and new technologies, including LTE coverage and small cell networks.

Cambridge Broadband Networks also offers its customers a range of services including network planning and design, project management, site preparation, system integration, network management and range of customer training and support services.

Privately-held, Cambridge Broadband Networks has headquarters in Cambridge, UK, with offices in South Africa and Nigeria and manufacturing facilities in China.

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Products and services

VectaStar: market leading microwave for next generation backhaul and access mobile networks

Bringing a wealth of advantages to operators, VectaStar is used across the globe to provide the wireless backhaul link from operator’s mobile cell sites back to their core network.

Utilising our market leading innovative point-to-multipoint (PMP) microwave technology, VectaStar brings the following advantages to operators:

Proven to increase capacity and efficiency
•    Proven to reduce spectrum requirements by at least 40%, whilst delivering identical service
•    Dynamic bandwidth allocation – uses spare capacity to enhance peak rates to the mobile network
•    Capacity to handle current and predicted data loads
•    High spectral efficiency.

Quick deployment and low cost
•    Immediate CAPEX savings relative to alternative technologies
•    Total Cost of Ownership savings of 49% over five years
•    Fast network design and deployment
•    Simple network configuration.

Minimal environmental impact
•    Nearly half the radios required compared to alternative technologies – saving up to 40% of energy and carbon emissions from manufacture and shipping.

VectaStar is proven for all-IP RAN backhaul, along with supporting TDM and ATM networks and their migration to an all-IP RAN.

As the world’s highest performance multipoint microwave platform, VectaStar delivers enough capacity to backhaul a network of 20MHz 2 x 2 MIMO LTE base stations.

This scalability gives operators the flexibility to build sustainable IP backhaul solutions for the future.

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