Data Access and Storage DAS

Data Access and Storage DAS

The electronic publication of information in a CCM database. Contains all documents, approved attachments and the internal audit trail. In ADOBE PDF format and is searchable using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Provides long term access to information in a CCM database. A CCM database is published electronically in ADOBE PDF format. This enables a business enterprise or other interested parties to access information post a CCM contract completion. The ADOBE PDF format is read only and is navigable by internal links, index or search functions.

Provides some significant advantages for long term access to information from a CCM database.

Historically this type of information is held in paper format. Not the most easy or accessible method – and very prone to damage by the nature of the media.

Alternatively the information may be held in electronic formats and on media that do not have a planned life cycle to manage the risk of Digital Continuity.

CCM DAS enables a business enterprise to preserve business records by publishing them electronically. Arrangements can then be made for their storage in conditions which suit long term information access and storage requirements.

PDF data format, is a universal, future-proofing medium for the storage of information. Simply this means protecting information from technological obsolescence.

Key Business Benefits are:

  • Meets long term access requirements to CCM information by using an Adobe PDF format
  • Search and index functions for fast retrieval of information
  • Easy location of approved document attachments
  • Electronic publication can be integrated into long term storage requirements
  • Defines a clear deliverable at contract closedown for downstream queries
  • Makes CCM information available to all contract parties
  • Read Only Format


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