Kitenics Limited

Kitenics Limited

Assisting companies to use data they already have to manage technical risk, achieve regulatory compliance, and enable more informed decision making.

Address: Stamford
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Using data you already have, our experience in a broad range of  industries can ensure you get the best from your business and manufacturing processes. We can assist in developing systems that meet regulatory requirements and  manage  risk  by  enabling informed decisions.


  • The deployment of a new business strategy gets diluted and lost through a lack of clarity of the key operational decisions that are required for it to be successfully implemented.
  • Visible Risk Management is imperative in regulated industries when implementing improvements and reducing  the cost of compliance .
  • In “Lean business” environments the capacity to rapidly and effectively tackle  major problems is seriously limited.
  • A poor  understanding of measurement techniques and the poor interpretation of the data generated delays many decision making processes. 

THE BENEFITS of using Kitenics Limited

  • Tried and tested success in logical problem solving and developing solutions that resolve issues permanently.
  • Access to a broad range of experience in Six Sigma, Programme Management  and Quality Management in highly regulated industries.
  • Highly logical, organised, numerate staff with excellent people and programme management skills to ensure delivery meets expectations.
  • Flexible tailored approach to meet your specific needs– ranging from 1-2 days consultancy to 2-3 month focused assignments.


  • We have worked with the major names in telecommunications, energy  supply, pharmaceuticals and medical devices on major programmes, some at the forefront of technology, resolving problems and delivering validated and compliant  solutions to the marketplace.