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PHG Foundation

The PHG Foundation is a health policy think tank with a special focus on how genomics and other emerging health technologies can provide more effective, personalised healthcare and deliver improvements in population health.

Telephone: +44 (0)1223 761 900
Address: 2 Worts Causeway, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 8RN
Country: United Kingdom
Membership type:Charity <100 staff (£50+VAT pa)

The PHG Foundation is a health policy think tank with a special focus on how genomics and other emerging health technologies can provide more effective, personalised healthcare and deliver improvements in population health. We are independent and a registered charity (charity no. 1118664)

Advances in genomics and life sciences continue to drive the need for significant change in clinical medicine and public health practice, but the rate at which research findings are translated into healthcare remains very slow. We believe society could be more organised and effective at realising the benefits of our investment in biomedical research.

Our vision

A society that fully exploits advances in genomics and life sciences to make rational and responsible changes in health policy and practice, to promote health and improve the prevention and treatment of disease.

Our mission

To provide knowledge, evidence, tools and opportunities to help policy makers put genomics and life sciences within the reach of every citizen in the form of effective, affordable and more personalised healthcare.

Our values
  • Improving the health of people and populations drives what we do.
  • We guard our independence and objectivity whilst being committed to collaboration and knowledge sharing with relevant stakeholders from all sectors, private and public.
  • We are pro science and innovation, tempered with the conviction that decisions about health policy and health care provision should be underpinned by culturally-sensitive understanding of ethical, legal and social considerations.
  • We believe that policy and regulation should be enabling and proportionate, striking a fair balance between the interests of the individual and the wider public good.

The Foundation is a registered charity (number 1118664) and is funded by donations, grants and fees. For information about how to donate or support our work, please contact us on 01223 761 900

PHG Foundation stakeholder survey

Could do better? Take the PHG Foundation survey

By taking this short, anonymous survey telling the PHG Foundation what you know about it and its work, you can help it continue to make science work for health, but better - and stand a chance to win a £250 donation to the charity of your choice!

11 October 2018Read in full

Cover of the personalised medicine technology landscape

Personalised medicine technology report launched at NHS Expo

University of Cambridge health policy think tank publishes report analysing the new technologies that could help deliver on the promise of personalised healthcare for the National Health Service in the near future.

8 September 2018Read in full

hands signal collaboration

PHG Foundation consultancy awarded onto NHS SBS framework

PHG Foundation has been awarded recognised supplier status on the NHS Shared Business Services Framework Agreement.

14 August 2018Read in full

Public support for NHS data sharing key for personalised medicine

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health Lord O’Shaughnessy has highlighted the vital importance of providing reassurance to the public and promoting the benefits of data sharing for the success of personalised medicine.

9 May 2018Read in full

Getting the most out of genomics for the UK

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee has released a major report, Genomics and genome editing in the NHS. The report is the result of its 2017 inquiry, to which Cambridge-based think tank, the PHG Foundation, provided extensive written and oral evidence.

25 April 2018Read in full

Lords report endorses PHG Foundation recommendation on AI

The House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has published a report urging the UK to take the lead in the ethical development and deployment of AI. The report and subsequent recommendations made to Government have been guided by evidence from a range of experts, including the PHG Foundation.

24 April 2018Read in full

NHS doctors need more support to deliver genomic medicine, says Cambridge think-tank

The vast majority of hospital doctors do not consider themselves qualified or competent to interpret the results of genomic tests.

15 March 2018Read in full

Artist's impression of conference

Going beyond genomics to a healthier future

Genomic medicine is here to stay – but more needs to be done to ensure NHS patients can benefit, was the message coming loud and clear at the conference held by Cambridge health policy think tank, the PHG Foundation, this week. Learning from the genomics experience will be crucial as new technologies come on stream to transform and personalise healthcare delivery, delegates were advised.

1 December 2017Read in full

Data on a screen- image for artificial intelligence

'Data and context are key for robust AI in healthcare'

Giving evidence on Artificial Intelligence to a House of Lords Select Committee, PHG Foundation's Dr Sobia Raza highlighted the need for an NHS-wide strategy on using health data for algorithm development to realise the benefits of AI for patients.

27 November 2017Read in full

PHG Foundation announces new Director

We are pleased to announce Dr Mark Kroese as the new Director of the PHG Foundation. Mark will be taking over from Dr Hilary Burton, who stepped down as Director at the end of September.

4 October 2017Read in full

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