Cambridge Hi-Tech Association (CHASE)

CHASE is an association of SME businesses and individuals in the Cambridge area whose main activity is in the high technology area. A talk on a technology-related topic takes place on the first Monday of each month and additional networking events are arranged on an ad hoc basis.

Membership type:Professional Individual and Corporate < 5 (£50+VAT pa)

Cambridge Hi-tech Association

What is CHASE?

CHASE is an association of SME ('small and medium enterprise') businesses in and around Cambridge, whose main activities are connected with high technology. The association was founded in 1987 and monthly talks by local entrepreneurs have been held ever since. Membership comprises some 50 enterprises and individuals and covers a wide range of activities, including computing, electronics, communications, biotechnology, as well as support services such as patent agents, accountants and lawyers. Full membership is open to firms and individuals with up to 10 employees, larger concerns are welcome to become associate members.

Who is CHASE for?

CHASE is a mutual support organisation. Members can help each other in many ways, including:

  • Networking together.
  • Buying from each other.
  • Passing on business from third parties.
  • Forming consortia to bid for contracts or undertake projects.
  • Sharing business information.
  • Sharing exhibition and advertising costs.
  • Providing access to photocopy and communications equipment and services.
  • Providing business tax and insurance advantages from running a small business.
  • Technical advice.
  • Recommending and advising each other on obtaining goods and services.

Members should make use of networking through the CHASE organisation to make contacts and use them to their mutual benefit. Other groups and agencies use CHASE as a channel through which to disseminate information and find synergies in hi-tech areas of interest.


The main CHASE activity is the monthly meeting on the first Monday of the month which opens at 7.30 pm for the 8pm talk. A monthly mailing and emails to those on the CHASE list gives notice of the meeting and other activities, including news from CHASE members.

The meetings, at which light refreshments are served, comprise talks and discussions on high tech and business-related matters of interest to members.

Talks typically cover subjects that reflect new thinking in e-commerce technologies and the web, virtual reality, nanotechnology and communications convergance across the board - telecoms, wireless, broadband, fixed radio access, short-range radio - and advances in speech recognition, encryption and ID technologies.

Discussions also cover members' business interests and CHASE may occasionally organise a talk or workshop to cover commercial topics relevant to SMEs, such as raising seed capital, marketing and business planning, building a team, intellectual property protection, and so on.

Advice is available to members on subjects relevant to SME businesses such as obtaining prompt payment, enhancing tax benefits, improving your sales performance, obtaining grants and other issues.

Informal networking sessions ('pubmeets') also take place from time to time on the third Monday of the month. These provide opportunities for members to mix with like-minded people involved in technology socially over a glass in a local pub - usually at the Free Press, Prospect Row, Cambridge.

Further information about CHASE and a directory of members is available on the website at and has proved to be a useful method of making members' services known in the region.

The activities rely on members' support and aim to reflect the interests of the membership. Come along to one of the events and tell us the activities that you want and/or are happy to help organise.

For further information including current and past meetings list, see the CHASE website at


To propose a meeting topic and/or a speaker:
Peter Howarth, Technology Business Development (Chairman)
Tel (01223) 836924
Email: phowarth(at)
Jeff Veit (CTO & past Chairman),
Tel/fax (01223) 721499
Email: jeff.veit(at)

Finance, including subscriptions, sponsorship offers etc:
Laurie van Someren (Treasurer), Aleph1 Ltd., The Old Courthouse, Bottisham, Cambridge CB5 9BA,
Tel: (01223) 811679,
Email: laurie(at)

Cambs Local Enterprise Partnership: what is it for - and who needs it?

The speaker at this month's CHASE meeting is Grahame Nix OBE, CEO of the Greater Cambridgeshire and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Come to Mills & Reeve on Monday evening (October 7th) to find out how the LEP works, what its plans are for influencing economic development in the region, and how these might affect you and your business.

4 October 2013Read in full

CHASE talk: 'Monitoring customer behaviour to aid fraud detection and reduce churn'

By monitoring individual customer behaviour, Featurespace signals possible fraudulent activity and indicates when customers are considering a change of supplier. How is it done? Who needs it? Should we fear it? Does it risk invasion of privacy? How likely is a false conclusion? Come to Monday’s CHASE meeting in Cambridge to find out for yourself!

5 April 2013Read in full

CHASE news: Meeting Monday April 2nd

Current aviation radar "can't tell the difference between aircraft and wind turbines!" Not a lot of people (from among the flying public at least) know that. Think it sounds a recipe for disaster? Worry not! David Crisp, CEO of Cambridge Consultants' new spin-out Aveillant, tells CHASE how its Holographic Radar™ will solve the problem.

30 March 2012Read in full

‘Machine to Machine networking, white space radio and the internet of everything’

Don’t miss the next CHASE meeting, which takes place tonight (Monday March 5th; 7.30 for 8.00pm) at ARM , featuring Luke D'Arcy of Neul, talking about ‘Machine to Machine networking, white space radio and the internet of everything’.

5 March 2012Read in full

CHASE meeting: Monday Nov 7th- Innovating and competing as an SME in the motor vehicle ind...

The evolving story of an East Anglian SME, presented by its founder.

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CHASE meets tonight at ARM : 'Functional fluids and tomorrow’s (3-D) world of inkjet techn...

Tonight's CHASE meeting (7.30 at ARM plc) features Rob Harvey of Atomjet. CHASE is also offering free summary/advice about Government Grant Funding.

3 October 2011Read in full

Punting with CHASE - an evening of friendly fun

The Met Office is promising clear skies for the CHASE annual puntmeet, a fun, social occasion for everyone interested in business and technology.

16 August 2005Read in full

Passporting for Cambridge Network members - CHASE dinner

The annual CHASE Christmas dinner tomorrow (Tuesday 7th December), promises to be a terrific opportunity to meet people involved in high-tech businesses.

3 December 2004Read in full

CHASE Networking Christmas dinner - with Robert Sansom

The annual CHASE Christmas dinner, on the 7th December 2004, promises to be a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurs and business angels to meet.

30 November 2004Read in full

CHASE Christmas dinner - networking for hi-tech entrepreneurs

The annual CHASE Christmas dinner, on the 7th December 2004, promises to be a terrific opportunity for entrepreneurs and business angels to meet.

24 November 2004Read in full

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