PolyChord Ltd

PolyChord Ltd is a spin-out from Cambridge University in 2017. We are a Cambridge-based data science company with unique new technology, enjoying early growth. We have on board two Cambridge Professors of Astrophysics and have recently won an Innovate UK grant - and are looking to recruit. PolyChord is a unique Bayesian tool invented to extract information from the ten billion year data-sets gathered by the Planck satellite – the company seeks and finds commercial applications. We expect our data science team to grow rapidly and we seek very able and interested people to contribute to the company's growth, its advanced data science tools - and to help think through some of the challenging issues in their deployment.

Address :
PolyChord Ltd 161 herne hill London
Post Code: SE24 9LR
Country: United Kingdom
Membership Type: Professional Individual and Corporate <5