Cyber Business Growth

Cyber Business Growth is a specialist cyber consultancy practice consolidating the skills of trusted, accomplished and influential industry experts to help enterprises, vendors, channel partners and investment companies navigate the complex world of cyber security.
The philosophy of CBG is to impart our cyber experience, knowledge, operational know-how and access to the market to those that need it. Our range of services has evolved to ensure we can successfully provide comprehensive expertise in the ever-changing marketplace by understanding and solving complex business and security challenges through advisory, cyber, and business-focused consultancy services.
Our unparalleled experience with both emerging and established Cyber Security vendors across the globe and our access to cyber experts, provides a full 360-degree view around Cyber Security, alongside our specialist service capabilities.

Products and services

Investor Services

With Cyber Security being one of the fastest-growing global start-up sectors, huge opportunities exist for investment in innovative and disruptive technologies; however, it is a highly competitive and complicated market. Specialist industry knowledge and insight are essential to deliver the comprehensive due diligence required to thoroughly assess the potential risks and rewards of any investment proposition.

We know the Cyber Security market. Our own Consultants have unparalleled experience in the industry, and our wider network is built up of client advocates in Global Enterprises, EMEA Security System Integrators, VARs and MSSPs, as well as cyber experts and influencers.

Our Market Development Investor Services provide investment firms with the opportunity to leverage our comprehensive skill set, market contacts and cyber security experience to gather the detailed information required for informed decision making.

As every potential investment calls for a different approach, we offer bespoke services that cover:

  • Corporate, commercial, and technical due diligence
    • Founder and Team – pre-screening and interviews to evaluate the overall skill set of the team
    • Business – a detailed understanding of the core business ideas and business model
    • Product – a thorough assessment of the product/solution, proposition, associated technology and what differentiates it from existing solutions in the marketplace
    • Market – evaluating the GTM strategy, competition, target customers and verticals
  • Portfolio Company Value Creation
    • Help define and build the GTM plan for key business objectives e.g. brand awareness, pipeline, lead generation, channel development
    • On-going management support to execute the plan, including introductions to strategic partners in the CBG network and market access to cyber influencers and industry experts
    • Focused sales and marketing activity to achieve implementation of the GTM plan

The objective in all cases it to deliver real-world, honest, and accurate feedback on the solution and its market potential, along with insightful recommendations to define, develop and execute the Go-To-Market plan.

What is CybSafe?

CybSafe is an intelligent, cloud-based cyber security and data analytics platform that removes your dependence on tick-box security awareness training and phishing simulations by focusing on the Awareness, Behaviour and Culture of the people in your organisation.

Cyber risks cannot be solved by focusing on technology alone; the human side of equation is also equally important.

CybSafe is next generation cyber security awareness software that, through advanced data analytics, is revolutionising the way cyber security professionals drive and measure positive changes in security behaviour and attitude. 

The data-driven human cyber risk management platform focuses exclusively on making employees an asset to your cyber resilience strategy and provides security teams and decision makers with the tools they need to manage and reduce cyber risks more effectively.

CybSafe goes beyond traditional tick-box cyber security awareness training and phishing simulations to also deliver personalised, scientifically-proven nudges, reminders and support in the way most likely to reduce the cyber risk faced by different users.

It also consolidates and increases access to extensive security awareness, behaviour and culture reporting metrics and data, making it easier to influence security behaviours and make better cyber security decisions about risk. 

Cyber Business Secure

Cyber security awareness training and certification

Cyber Business Secure offers comprehensive, cost-effective, and industry-leading cyber security awareness and training solutions tailored for small to medium-sized organisations. We partner with trusted and proven cyber security vendors and solutions providers to supply cyber awareness training and certification for your employees and business.

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Consultancy Services

Cyber Skills Bank

  • On demand cyber resource and knowledge from generalist to specialist and niche
  • Project based – consultants, fractional resource and contractors
  • Cyber security and information security services
  • Risk and Governance; Framework Certification; Security Technical Controls; Testing and Assurance; Forensics; Incident Response; and everything in-between
Market Development Services

Channel Go-to-Market services include:

  • Review – a technical and business review of your organisation's specific solution, delivering real-world feedback from industry experts and insightful recommendations
  • Plan – based on the results of the Review, realistic business goals and overall direction are defined, and a GTM strategy is created
  • Implement – Cyber Augmentation Services
  • Scalable business function consultancy services
  • Dedicated headcount or fractional resources
  • Specific leadership, sales, marketing, technical and operations expertise
Cyber Services

Helping organisations navigate the complexities of the Cyber and Information Security landscape:

  • CBG Analyse – review and understand your organisation’s cyber security posture and plan improvements
  • CBG Action – effectively and efficiently manage information and cyber risks
  • CBG Develop – training, awareness, and testing services to keep you in control


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