Savu Technologies

SAVU Technologies is an internationally recognised and award-nominated UK technology start-up that has a formal supply relationship with global technology enabler, Arrow Electronics.

The current position is the culmination of all the efforts of the company and it has utilised the long-established international business, telecoms, technological, engineering, industrial and legal experience of its team to develop a commercial product called SafeWave Technology.

With its own patent portfolio and with technology based upon scientific research from the Catholic University of America (CUA) and other university research programmes from around the world, SafeWave Technology is proven to mitigate the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phone and other devices.

The company’s goal is to make SafeWave Technology available to every mobile phone user worldwide, either directly or through collaborative solutions, creating a safer and healthier electromagnetic environment for the next generation.

Telephone: 0208 1065679
Address :
Savu Technologies Limited Trust House, 10 Guildhall Street Grantham
Post Code: NG31 6NJ
Country: United Kingdom
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