Blue Sphere Health Ltd

Blue Sphere Health Ltd

We are a global consultancy working with government, regulators, pharmaceutical, healthcare and biotechnology customers. We specialise in anti-counterfeiting, brand protection, product security, and patient protection. We also work in mobile health areas, especially in the use of phones to scan (or manually input) unique pack codes. We provide simple, cost-effective mobile channels enabling pharma companies to deliver patient benefits and better health outcomes.

Address: St Johns Innovation Centre, Cowley Rd, Cambridge
Postcode: CB4 0WS
Country: United Kingdom

Blue Sphere Health Ltd was founded by Mark Davison, an experienced consultant, speaker and author with over twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  We operate internationally using a network of associates with top-level expertise in one or more specialist fields.

The company focuses on four key areas:

Bluesphere focuses on four key areas:

1. Patient Safety and Brand Protection Strategy
How do NGOs and corporations ensure that patients only receive safe medicines and medical devices? How do healthcare and pharmaceutical companies overcome the operational and financial challenges which they face from counterfeiting and diversion?  We provide deep strategic  insight  and tactical support in a number of technical and commercial fields, helping businesses, NGOs and governments to defend themselves and their patients.

2. Product Security Tactics, Implementation and Vendor Management
We help corporations around the world with hands-on support for technical and process implementation around serialisation, anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evidence etc. Compliance deadlines for the EU and USA are only four years away so you need to get moving. We can help you to make the right choices so the path is as smooth as possible.

3. Business Development and Mobile Health
The age of mobile health is converging with the advent of coded and traceable packs to bring new opportunities. We can help you to leverage your investment in serialisation to bring real benefits in health outcomes for your patients and to improve your bottom line. The new pharma-patient interface will be mobile and much more direct. Our real-world experience helps you to get there faster.

4. Government Strategy
All of the above have an impact at government and regulator level. We provide advice and guidance on industry requirements, law enforcement, government policy and international guidelines and best practice.

Mobile Health and Patient Engagement Consultancy

The use of mobile phones in medicine is rising rapidly. Let us show you the huge opportunities this presents for new business models and better patient care.

Securing the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

We provide an expert consultancy service for pharma and healthcare clients on all aspects of designing and implementing an efficient, secure supply chain.

Mark Davison

Mark Davison of Blue Sphere Health in 'Medicine Maker' Power List 2016

Mark Davison, Principal Consultant at Blue Sphere Health Ltd, has been named in The Medicine Maker magazine's Power List 2016 of the top 100 most influential people in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. He is a global expert, author and senior advisor on anti-counterfeiting, traceability and authentication of products including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverages.

4 May 2016Read in full

Impact of new FMD deadline on unprepared pharma

Safer medicines in Europe: Bluesphere welcomes serialisation rules

The EU publishes new rules on medicine safety today, requiring mandatory safety features (datamatrix codes) and tamper-evident closure of all packs of prescription medicines within three years. This will be challenging, but local company Blue Sphere Health is poised to help.

9 February 2016Read in full

Bluesphere helps global pharma to fight counterfeiting

Leading specialist pharma consultancy Blue Sphere Health Ltd (Bluesphere) continues to grow its global anti-counterfeiting practice, adding three major new customers this year.

10 September 2014Read in full

Counterfeit drugs and anti-counterfeiting: major new book by Cambridge author

Mark Davison, CEO of Blue Sphere Health Ltd, has written a 426 page book "Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting: Combating the Real Danger from Fake Drugs" - newly released by leading academic publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc.

6 September 2011Read in full

Blue Sphere Health launches anti-counterfeiting training

Globalisation of manufacturing has brought an explosion in fake goods and innovative Cambridge companies are especially at risk. Blue Sphere Health's expert training will help you to minimise your exposure and to put effective counter-measures in place to safeguard your brand and your customers.

29 June 2011Read in full

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