The Exeter Group

The Exeter Group specialises in commercializing health care technologies in the US, enabling companies based outside the US to establish a cost-effective presence in the world's largest market.

For 30 years, The Exeter Group has partnered with life sciences companies across the globe, providing full-spectrum commercialization support in the US market. Through an extensive network of sales and marketing professionals, we help our clients set prices, get their products to the US, get those products sold, and put them into buyers’ hands.

From lab products to genetically engineered cell lines to life-changing pharmaceuticals, Exeter brings an unparalleled ability to master the science and align marketing and sales. We integrate seamlessly with client structures and personnel, extending client reach and levering scarce resources.

We bring to our work a keen sense of context: client needs, opportunities, and resources vary enormously, and one size fits no one.

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