Aziz, Dr Atif

Dr Atif Aziz is a senior research associate and a technical projects manager at Nanoscience centre, Cambridge. Before joining the Nanoscience centre on November 2009, he has been working, for three years as a research associate at Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge. Between 2003 and 2006, he was as a research officer at department of physics, University of Bath.

He received his PhD degree in Physics from University of Cambridge in 2003. He has more than six years of post doctoral research experience. Most of his research focuses on fabricating and studying magnetic devices. Although, he has been working on many areas of magnetism including spin injection, domain wall resistance, spin transfer torque and magnetoresistance, two of his achievements stand out among others. He has developed a fabrication technique for creating artificial magnetic domain and studied for the first time, the angular dependence of domain wall resistance. This work was published in Physical Review Letter. His other main contribution is the discovery of non-linear giant magnetoresistance effect. This work is also published in Physical Review Letter, with an editor's synopsis titles “Giant Magnetoresistance goes electric”. He has published fifteen papers in peer review journal and six of them have been selected for publication in the virtual journal of nanoscience and one appeared on the cover of Applied Physics Letter. He also teaches a lecture course on nano fabrication to the Masters program students of Micro & Nanotechnology Enterprise. His interests include nanofabrication, spintronics and nanobiotechnology and commercialisation of nanotechnology.


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