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Hayward Miller is an outsourced sales and marketing company who specialise in Market Research, Telemarketing and Business Development. We act as your sales team and - We Get You Sales!

At Hayward Miller, your success is our passion. We become the foundation for the growth of your prospects, potential leads and customer base.

We have three main elements to our business. Market Research, Telemarketing and Business Development. These all fall under an umbrella we call Managed Services.

We work a number of days a month on outbound sales. This is usually 8 or 10 days. For the rest of the month, we monitor and process all incoming communications and enquiries. 

Suppose your company is looking to grow either in new or existing markets. We will find the leads and opportunities and convert them into sales. We do this by targeting the right person in the right company.

Hayward Miller has an eleven-year history of getting new sales, working for 120 companies across a range of sectors. 

Statistics have proven 48% of salespeople never follow up on a lead. They do not do this deliberately, but they get distracted with phone calls, meetings or they just move on to the next lead. We specialise in following up with every lead.

80% of what we do is a process; follow the process you will get sales. The last 20% is where the clever bit happens, and it is our approach to the market and sector to target the right person in each company.

We have proceduralised this process and call it “The Hayward Miller Way".

Our Managing Director, Andrew Hayward, started Hayward Miller because he wanted to “share that feeling of absolute success when targets have been exceeded and sales are through the roof”. At Hayward Miller, we all share this vision and want to work with industry towards a profitable and successful future.

Products and services

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a combination of promoting and selling products or services on the web. It is the process of leveraging different online marketing channels such as search engines, social media networks, website development and email to reach your target audience.


Almost anything can be a digital marketing asset. It simply needs to act as a marketing tool online. That being said, many businesses don’t realise how many assets they have at their disposal.

By investing in a digital marketing strategy for sales growth, our marketers can collect valuable insights into target audience behaviours while opening the door to new methods of customer engagement.

Business Development

Business Development is not solely about sales, it is simply developing business. Sales is only one of many development strategies that can be utilised when looking to grow. Most importantly it focusses on building relationships.


As a UK Business Development company, we actively pursue strategic opportunities for our clients by developing existing relationships, seeking new customers and identifying additional markets for your products or services.

Assigned to you will be one of our dedicated Business Development Managers who will plan and discuss your requirements on how we can work together in pursuit of your company’s sustainable growth. Not only do we assign one main point of contact, but also offer our entire team’s expertise and experience as added support.

Market Research

Market Research enables companies to identify consumer behaviour, market conditions, and trends. Without it, the entirety of business would be built on assumptions too unreliable to last.


Many Market Research firms and agencies utilise their analysts for conducting surveys, focus groups, and online searches, but these methods only cover a small area of what the process should be. Our UK-based Market Research team are comprehensive analysts. We use more than the typical methods above, we also qualify this data and compare it to the current market climate, all into one convenient report and supporting databases.

Knowing the details, trends and behaviour of your market allows you to react faster and more accurately to change, making your company more flexible and viable for growth.


A common misconception surrounding Telemarketing or Telesales agencies is we creates leads from cold calling. Understandably a lot of lead generation telemarketing companies do cold call, but at Hayward Miller, we avoid this, we warm call.


Our UK Telemarketing team, utilise their skills and sales techniques to strategically discover needs and build relationships.

We become far more successful in selling when we talk to the decision-maker. Our bespoke communication timeline helps us build the relationship and BANT qualify the leads, ensuring we are talking with an interested party. We use proven research and statistics in gauging our approach to each individual project.

We become your sales team and badge ourselves with your values, culture and branding. We train alongside each new client to ensure everyone is fully informed when talking to potential customers on telemarketing calls.

We always follow-up, follow-up and follow up!


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