Sara Penrose

We provide training in critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving. To assist companies improve productivity, analysis, innovation and agility in their workforce

We optimise the capability of your people, by developing their fundamental human skills of critical thinking, lateral thinking and problem solving.

Your people are your most important asset and if they perform well it has a considerable impact on your bottom line. So, it makes sense to get the best from them.

Optimisation is making the most effective use of a resource. We optimise machines and systems, so through skill development why not optimise your people?

Better thinking - Better creating – Better solving

Our optimisation training programme is designed for clients who want their people to

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Facilitate and embrace change
  • Drive and deliver innovation
  • Communicate more effectively

Our unique balance of process and creativity provides a highly interactive learning experience. With a combination of instruction and practical ‘learn by doing’ using a problem-solving framework and a skilled creative task

Our modular and measured programme equips your people with the skills they need to succeed, both for them and you. This includes workshops, refresher training and coaching to embed the skills. We help delegates realise the use and application of these skills in their daily jobs from shop floor to board level for current roles and future development.

Working closely with our clients we define what good looks like and use our innovation and experience to deliver the results. Optimising your business performance, by maximising the value of your people.

Our 40 years plus experience in engineering and logistics has give us a broad understanding of the challenges companies face and the overwhelming benefit of better fundamental human skills.

Our workshops are accredited by the Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) for 7 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), we are members of the Silverstone Technology Cluster and supported by Innovate UK.

We listen – we train – we coach – we develop.

Research shows an investment in fundamental human skills can lead to a 12% increase in productivity, so contact us on

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