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DifferentMinds.co is an international consultancy that empowers organizations of any size to create innovative, productive, and welcoming workplaces for every member.

Dr. Brock Eide Co-author The Dyslexic Advantage , Co-founder of Dyslexic Advantage, Neurolearning SPC, and DifferentMinds.co
Dr. Helen Taylor, University of Strathclyde Business School, McDonald Institute University of Cambridge, author of Complementary Cognition, co-author Developmental Dyslexia: Disorder or Specialization in Exploration?, co-founder, DifferentMinds.co
Dr. Fernette Eide Co-author The Dyslexic Advantage, CEO Dyslexic Advantage, co-founder DifferentMinds.co

Today's successful companies know how to harness the cognitive diversity of their talent.

Brock Eide


Products and services

Cognitive Workplace Training and Consultancy

Cognitive Experts Drs. Brock and Fernette Eide and Helen Taylor provide workplace training and consultations to optimize the functioning and job satisfaction of diverse teams and employees.

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