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BIOVIA, a brand of Dassault Systèmes is the leading scientific product lifecycle management software and services company. Our customer base includes the world’s largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical and petroleum companies.

BIOVIA solutions create an unmatched scientific management environment that can help science-driven companies create and connect biological, chemical, and material innovations to improve the way we live.

The industry-leading BIOVIA portfolio is focused on integrating the diversity of science, experimental processes, and information requirements across research, development, QA/QC, and manufacturing. Capabilities cover scientific data management; biological, chemical, and materials modelling and simulation; open collaborative discovery; scientific pipe lining; enterprise laboratory management; enterprise quality management; environmental health & safety; and operations intelligence.

BIOVIA is committed to enhancing and speeding innovation, improving productivity and compliance, reducing costs, and accelerating product development from research and product idealisation through commercialisation and manufacturing for science-driven enterprises of all industries.

Products and services

The Accord cheminformatics solutions offer flexible, tailored, industry-leading workflow and cheminformations solutions that scale to the largest enterprise.

The Accord product family offers flexible, tailored, industry-leading cheminformatics solutions that scale from the individual researcher to the entire enterprise.

Tools and Components: these are used to build chemistry solutions from the ground up, to customise inhouse applications to deal with chemistry or to tailor your existing cheminformatics software to deal with propietary data types and applications.

Desktop Solutions: Accord standalone desktop tools offer ease-of-use, outstanding chemistry, and increased productivity. They are simple to install and apply. combining outstanding ease-of-use with unique chemistry capabilities.

Chemical Databases:Cheminformatics tools manage and process chemical information. Accord allows you to query and search these databases from your desktop via Accord Database Explorer.

Enterprise Solutions: Accord Enterprise Informatics provides a modular, Oracle-based enterprise-wide solution for the management of chemical, biological and inventory information. The product draws on the power of the Accord Chemistry Engine and Oracle databases to enable you to store, search and analise chemical structures, related biological and chemical data, experimental results and registration information.


Client Services
Accelrys Client Services provide services that help to maximize the value of your research software. Our goal is to create an unparallelled service experience for every customer with a portfolio that ranges from direct one-to-one support for users of our applications through to the installation and customisation of enterprise systems.

        Contract Research         Get scientific help in tackling specific, business critical, proprietary research problems.

        Customer Support         Get support via our telephone hotlines or on-line via Accelrys Advantage.

        Custom Services         Extend Accelrys products and integrate them with other enterprise systems to fit your business needs.

        Implementation Let us install, configure, and migrate your data into Accelrys products, getting you up and running as quickly as possible and maximizing your productivity.

        Solutions Consulting Get advice and expertise to assess, redesign and automate cross-functional workflows; achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

        Training         Make the most of your Accelrys software through our classes, workshops and training resources.
Discovery Studio
Discovery Studio provides the most advanced modelling and simulation software solutions for life science researches available today. From project conception to lead optimisation, Discovery Studio includes a diverse collection of sophisticated software applications to take your research to the next level.

Discovery Studio addresses a wide variety of scientific problems, to their required depth, within a common framework. This flexibility is essential in meeting the latest scientific challenges and business demands of computational chemistry and biology.

With Discovery Studio you can:
- Investigate and test hypotheses in silico prior to costly experimental implementation, thus reducing the time and expense involved in bringing products to market
- Drive scientific exploration from target identification to lead optimization with a wealth of trusted life science modeling and simulation tools
- Leverage an open and scalable platform to automate processes, create and deploy custom workflows, and integrate data types, databases, and third-party or in-house tools
- Enhance personal productivity and boost team collaboration by enabling researchers to share data and make better informed decisions


Discovery Studio is a life science modeling and simulation suite of applications focused on optimizing the drug discovery process. Discovery Studio makes it easier to examine the properties of large and small molecules, study systems, identify leads and optimize candidates. Because it is built on Pipeline Pilot, Accelrys’ Scientific Informatics Platform, scientists are able to automate routine tasks, collaborate with peers and share workflows, freeing time to focus on innovating.

Materials Studio
Materials Studio is a software environment that brings the world's most advanced and validated materials simulation technology to desktop computing, solving key problems thoughout the R&D process.

Materials Studio is a comprehensive materials modeling and simulation application designed for scientists in chemicals and materials R&D as well as pharmaceuticals development. Materials Studio reduces the time needed to solve complex calculations with:

- Industry-leading graphical user environments
- State-of-the-art simulation technology from quantum to atomistic to mesoscale
- Powerful statistical tools for structure-property relationships

Materials Studio provides a comprehensive set of scientific capabilities for modeling crystal structure and crystallization processes; for property prediction for molecules, polymers, catalysts, and other materials; and for the development of structure-activity relationships.

With Materials Studio you can:
- Reduce the number of costly and often lengthy experiments needed to bring a product to market
- Minimize the time needed to set up and solve complex calculations
- Make well-informed decisions in research on a wide range of systems including catalysts, polymers, specialty chemicals, advanced materials and drug development

Pipeline Pilot
Pipeline Pilot solutions are based around a powerful client server platform that lets you construct workflows by graphically combining components for data retrieval, filtering, analysis and reporting.

Pipeline Pilot and its integrated set of applications address the modeling and simulation, informatics and scientific businesses intelligence needs of research and development organizations. A key strength of the platform is the ability to manage and synthesize scientific information in a way that allows you to rapidly adjust workflows, optimize research cycles and respond to changing market conditions.

 Pipeline Pilot protects your investment by addressing the current needs of your organization while providing the flexibility to address your future requirements
- Start small by deploying to individual scientists who gain value from the automation, data analysis and reporting capabilities.
- Deploy incrementally to research workgroups, standardizing workflows, enabling access to research data reviously stored in silos and driving collaboration.
- Deploy broadly across the organization connecting scientists, research workgroups, business analysts and executives, optimizing the innovation cycle and maximizing the value of your investment.

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