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Kingly Brookes LLP

Kingly Brookes is a firm of expert accountants with a business edge specialising in R&D tax relief & Patent Box tax relief claims. Please contact John Moore on 0207 2928850 or

Address: 415 Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London
Postcode: W1B 5TE
Country: United Kingdom
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We love nothing more than working with like-minded businesses, enthusiastically collaborating to create and retain wealth throughout every facet of their business. We are based in Cambridge & London and specialise in assisting companies to optimise their R&D tax relief and Patent Box claims.

Our clients range from high potential start up SMEs through to multinational listed organisations. No matter what their size we combine our deep expertise with a passion for business to direct our client’s financial strategies as they grow and mature. In the last two years alone we have generated our clients in excess of £100 million in additional R&D tax relief; just one of the reasons that our clients not only stay with us but recommend us! 

An entrepreneurial business faces a jungle of challenges and complexity around compliance, strategy, funding, wealth creation and retention. This is where we step in. By using our decades of experience and deep technical expertise, our goal is to both advise and act as an informed sounding board, ensuring our clients are as enthusiastic about working with us as we are about working with them!

We would be happy to speak to you about your business. If you would like to speak to us then please contact John Moore on 0207 2928850. 

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R&D Tax Services

We have helped our clients claim over £100m in R&D tax relief in the last two years alone.
If your company performs any activities that fall within the definition of research and development you should be claiming the generous additional R&D tax relief available.

Patent Box Tax Relief

We specialise in advising companies of all sizes how you can optimise your claims under the Patent Box regime. In practice there are a range of services we can provide that you could require in evaluating whether and how to claim the benefits available.

Audit & Assurance services

Audit and assurance reports are required for a variety of reasons, whether for compliance purposes or to provide an independent opinion for investors and lenders. Kingly Brookes have over 30 years of experience in audit and assurance.

Budget 2018: Restriction on SME scheme R&D tax relief payable credit introduced

The Chancellor has re-introduced a restriction on the amount of SME scheme payable tax credit that companies will be able to receive.

31 October 2018Read in full

Increase in R&D Expenditure Credit announced in Autumn Budget 2017

The Chancellor has today announced an increase in the RDEC tax relief claimed by large and many SME companies.

22 November 2017Read in full

Autumn Statement 2016 includes details of increased support for R & D

The Chancellor has today announced details of a package of government support for R&D.

23 November 2016Read in full

Beating the Brexit Blues: four ways to Brexit-proof your technology business

John Moore from Kingly Brookes considers some basics for technology businesses to think about in these early days of uncertainty.

27 July 2016Read in full

Budget 2016 & R&D tax reliefs

The Budget announcement today did not contain any new changes to the headline rates of R&D tax relief or the way the schemes operate for the vast majority of companies claiming R&D tax relief. However, says John Moore at Kingly Brookes, if your company is making, or will make claims in the future, there are some announcements that are worth knowing about.

16 March 2016Read in full

Ten companies that prove Cambridge is a great place for tech start ups

Here are ten companies that demonstrate how Cambridge is at the forefront of the tech world and a prime location for prospective tech start ups.

18 June 2015Read in full

Who should you partner with on your startup?

One of the most important elements of starting a successful business is building a great team around you. Running a business by yourself can be very challenging, and that’s why it’s essential to find people to plug any skill gaps, which is much easier said than done! KIngly Brookes has created a flowchart to help you decide what kind of talent you should partner with in the early stages of your business.

28 May 2015Read in full

UK's fastest growing tech companies: what's the secret?

Kingly Brookes takes a look at what makes the fastest growing tech companies in the UK tick.

1 May 2015Read in full

0% inflation: what does it mean for your business?

Martin Jones from Kingly Brookes gives some thought to the impact on business of the recent news on the UK inflation rate.

26 March 2015Read in full

R&D tax relief announcements - Budget 2015

HMRC has given an initial response to the consultation exercise designed to improve access to the R&D tax relief regimes for smaller companies. In addition a small change to the proposed legislation preventing companies for claiming for consumable items sold to customers has been made.

19 March 2015Read in full

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