Kore Technology Ltd

Kore Technology Ltd

Kore offers time-of-flight mass spectrometer instruments for high sensitivity gas analysis in the field or laboratory and for materials surface analysis in the laboratory.

Telephone: +44 (0)1353 653 030
Address: Cambridgeshire Business Park, Ely
Postcode: CB7 4EA
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.kore.co.uk
Membership type:Corporate 6-20 (£250+VAT pa)

Kore Technology Ltd. has been in business creating scientific instruments based on Time-of-Flight mass spectrometers since 1991. We have delivered over 200 analytical instruments to researchers around the world.

Kore specialises in designing and building customised mass spectrometers, related components, and other vacuum-based equipment. We are able to offer instrument customisation to our clients at sensible prices because we endeavour, where possible, to use existing modules from our large array of previous designs. This, combined with whatever one-off engineering is required, allows us to create instruments tailored to our clients' specific requirements.

We often work with research organisations, to develop application specific research tools. We also work with companies to develop new products optimised for their chosen market.

Our main customers in universities and research institutes typically have limited funds available. So Kore has developed a unique instrument philosophy that reduces overheads and bought-out costs, allowing us to offer high quality cutting-edge research equipment at affordable prices:

We use "in-house" Technology

We have developed a lot of in-house technology over the years. We design, build and assemble all our own time-of-flight mass spectrometer systems, sub-assemblies and control and signal detection electronics, minimising the amount of 'bought-out' goods.

This reduces costs because whenever a company buys high cost items from a third party, the third party will require their profit margin, and then the instrument company that is using these third party items will add their margin on top of the third party margin.

We keep marketing costs low

Company sales and marketing costs are passed onto the customer. So Kore does not spend money on expensive marketing. Our customers around the world are intelligent users of the Internet. Our web site is unashamedly technically orientated, and customers are encouraged to contact us directly for quotations and proposals for projects

We only use international agents when they add value to our clients. Our agents or distributors use Factory Trained and Certified support personnel to provide the highest quality sales and service support close to the customer.

We provide affordable servicing

We always provide detailed documentation and training in instrument diagnostics to all our customers to enable them to maintain their instruments using technical staff within their institutes. We can also provide affordable service contracts, which involve scheduled visits for servicing and all our instruments carry a one-year warranty, which can be extended up to 5 years. If an issue develops with the instrument after the warranty period has expired we still work with customers via e-mail, telephone or Skype to perform simple diagnostics that allow us to identify the source of the issue.