Michell Instruments Ltd.

Michell Instruments Ltd.

Michell Instruments manufacture high-precision sensing instrumentation for dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis.

Telephone: 01353 658 000
Address: 48 Lancaster Way Business Park, Ely
Postcode: CB6 3NW
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.michell.com/uk
Membership type:Corporate 51+ (£1,000+VAT pa)

Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with over 35 years' experience in the field, specializing in instrumentation for dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis. The company serves industries as diverse as petrochemical and pharmaceutical to power generation and food processing. The product range includes:

  • High-precision ceramic moisture sensors
  • Relative humidity transmitters and sensors
  • Humidity calibration systems and reference dew-point hygrometers
  • Zirconia and thermo-paramagetic oxygen analyzers
  • Hydrocarbon dew point analyzers
  • Analyzers for trace moisture in hydrocarbon liquids
  • Process moisture analyzers

The company has an extensive network of factory trained application engineers, subsidiaries and distributors stretching across 56 countries.

Michell moisture analyzer

Michell moisture analyzer: proven efficacy for gas storage quality

Michell’s OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analyzer has demonstrated its suitability for monitoring moisture levels in stored natural gas after an installation with STOGIT, a division of SNAM, the Italian natural gas transmission and distribution company. The TDL600 demonstrated the necessary fast response and immunity to methane, resulting in an order for seven units.

2 August 2018Read in full

Easidew m12

Michell’s Easidew Moisture Transmitter – dual output and new rugged connector

Michell Instruments has introduced a new version of its market-leading 2-wire Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter, with a simultaneous analog and digital modbus RTU output and a rugged 5 pin M12 electrical connection.

20 July 2018Read in full

QMA601 industry application

QCM moisture analyzer for catalytic reforming processes – longer maintenance intervals despit

Michell Instruments’ QMA601 process moisture analyzer has been updated with a novel option that makes it suitable for continuous catalyst regeneration (CCR) reforming processes. Its fast response and stable measurements provide operators with reliable moisture control over longer periods without the need for frequent maintenance.

4 July 2018Read in full

ES70 Sampling System

New configurable sampling system simplifies process moisture measurements

Michell Instruments has launched a new, configurable sampling system for measuring trace moisture in hazardous areas. The ES70 simplifies specifying complex, multi-optioned sampling systems, not only ensuring the correct options are selected and but also reducing lead times.

20 June 2018Read in full

QMA401 Process Moisture Analyzer

Discover the first ultra-low maintenance quartz crystal microbalance moisture analyzer

Michell Instruments has announced the launch of its recently enhanced QMA401 Low Maintenance Trace Moisture Analyzer. The new QMA401 combines a new look with enhanced usability.

30 May 2018Read in full

S8000 precision chilled mirror hygrometer

Michell improves and relaunches complete range of high-precision hygrometers

Michell has relaunched its flagship S8000 precision hygrometer range with improved features, common user interface and new look.

9 May 2018Read in full

Optidew Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer from Michell features ALL-NEW sensor

The new Optidew range from Michell Instruments offers the fastest response to changes in humidity of any chilled mirror instrument on the market.

11 April 2018Read in full

New ATEX certification for AII’s portable oxygen analyzers

New ATEX certification for AII’s portable oxygen analyzers

The popular range of portable galvanic electro-chemical oxygen analyzers from Advanced Instruments Inc (AII) now has ATEX approved for use in atmospheres containing acetylene and/or hydrogen.

21 March 2018Read in full

XZR500 combustion control analyzer

Reliable combustion control analysis for cremators: new application note

Michell Instruments has released a new application featuring two case studies of combustion control in crematoria.

21 November 2017Read in full

GPR-1100 portable oxygen analyzer from Analytical Industries Inc

Cost-effective oxygen analyzer for marine maintenance

When a tanker ship is having maintenance, the leak check of the tanks is an important part of the final safety procedure.

10 October 2017Read in full

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