Ekioh Ltd

Providers of embedded graphical user interface rendering technology to the TV and enterprise computing markets

Ekioh designs and develops rendering software for a wide range of consumer product and resource constrained platforms. The company’s products provide the high performance, flexibility and highly compact footprint necessary to address the wide range of application and UI rendering issues presented by the consumer electronics and embedded systems industries. Best known for its TV and set top box solutions, Ekioh technology forms the basis of the fusion of traditional media and over the top content in many of the world’s most successful television networks. 

Ekioh’s engineering team brings together expertise in graphical systems, embedded software, set top box, TV silicon and robust software design. Using this combination of skills, fuelled by intense customer focus, Ekioh’s product quality and customer support is second to none.

For more information please contact us at info@ekioh.com

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